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Cargo Drop | August 30

A new *Cargo Drop* for you! What’s inside? Let’s find out!

To claim this prize, please click here: https://woo.ga/824td

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  • Sonja

    The last 3 cargo drops said ‘already redeemed’ and this one briefly showed 10 tickets that did not get added to my account. I’m playing on a 2 year old iPad Pro that’s pretty much up-to-date.

    • Franscene Wooga

      The Cargo Drops are released on Sundays. This is the information for the last 3:
      August 2nd: 500 coins; July 26th: 5 Tickets & $5.00 Cash; July 19th: 3 Energy & 300 Coins.
      1. please check that your device has all the latest updates to include your OS, app store, and Pearl’s Peril.
      2.open a ticket with Customer Care. In the details include the error message you are receiving, approximately what time these errors happened. Sonja if possible includes screenshots.
      Customer Care will view your game.
      You mentioned 10 tickets not being added. Sonja, we have not had 10 ticket rewards since May 2020 and yes that link would have expired if trying to claim now.
      Our Customer Care Team is excellent, open your ticket and they will respond to your email account attached to your Pearl’s Peril Game. Be well, stay safe and Happy Pealing.

  • Debra Stevenson

    Thank you for the tickets.

    • Franscene Wooga

      You’re welcome, Debra.
      Happy Pearling!

  • Lynda/ blaze

    Thankyou for all the cargo drops . Also your team and yourself have Designed a great adventure in pearls peril I’m very competitive love the challenges, tournaments,captains challenge, and the challenges to get butterflies! Thanks again yours truly

    • Franscene Wooga

      You’re welcome, Lynda.
      Thank you for being part of our Pearl Community.
      Saturday, August 1st will be the release of Iris Eyes Act 20. And we will have the butterfly bar extend to 20 for a few days.
      Be well, be safe and Happy Pearling!

  • Glenda

    Can’t take the survey the link sends me to google forms. The main thing I’d like to see change or improve is being able to get more compasses so as to allow us access to new areas faster.

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