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A Walk-through of Iris’s Eyes

How to Play Pearl’s Peril’s New Feature Pearl’s Peril has introduced an entirely new game style with its latest feature: Iris’s Eyes. You will need quick reflexes and a sharp eye to capture these prizes in this one-of-a-kind challenge. Let’s explore how to start playing Iris’s Eyes… whether this is your first time playing Pearl’s […]

The Meaning of Butterflies in Iris’s Eyes

Butterflies are everywhere when you play Iris’s Eyes. But what do they mean? Our artists were very deliberate in all their choices, and the Butterfly icon is no exception. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Even beyond its journey from caterpillar to beautiful winged insect, it dances with the wind to embrace change. Not […]

Feedback, please! What do you think of Iris’s Eyes so far?

Hey, Adventurers! Were you one of the lucky few that got to try out Iris’s Eyes early? What do you think? Do you enjoy finding objects using only the silhouettes? Is it exciting to work against the clock? What do you think of Iris’s story and the rewards for playing? Share your feedback with us […]

A Walk-through of Iris’s Eyes

How to Play Pearl’s Peril’s New Feature Pearl’s Peril has introduced an entirely new game style with its latest feature: Iris’s Eyes. You will need quick reflexes and a sharp eye to capture these prizes in this one-of-a-kind challenge. Let’s explore how to start playing Iris’s Eyes… whether this is your first time playing Pearl’s […]

The Meaning of Butterflies in Iris’s Eyes

Butterflies are everywhere when you play Iris’s Eyes. But what do they mean? Our artists were very deliberate in all their choices, and the Butterfly icon is no exception. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Even beyond its journey from caterpillar to beautiful winged insect, it dances with the wind to embrace change. Not […]

Feedback, please! What do you think of Iris’s Eyes so far?

Hey, Adventurers! Were you one of the lucky few that got to try out Iris’s Eyes early? What do you think? Do you enjoy finding objects using only the silhouettes? Is it exciting to work against the clock? What do you think of Iris’s story and the rewards for playing? Share your feedback with us […]


If you are new to Pearl, you are about to discover a world of thrills and fun. Pearl Wallace’s glamorous social life grinds to a halt with her father’s mysterious death. Luckily she has friends to help her along the way—like the intrepid and stylish journalist, Iris. Discover perilous secrets, true friends and deadly rivals. Download today to join our more than half a million daily players!

A New Adventure
on Artemis Island.

The spirits of the island are stirring, and a voice from the past is asking for help. Will you answer the call?

A new way to play!

See through the eyes of the island’s resident clairvoyant as you search for hidden objects in a brand new game mode, Iris’s Eyes. Match objects using only their silhouettes to guide you, but hurry! The connection to the spirit world is fleeting!



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Its the season for going batty! Find 5 bats in the image below and we will reward one player with 5 Cash! Leave your answers below! 👇

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Congratulations Sherry Wood Cole, you guessed it right... 21 bats are in the cave! Check your Facebook message requests to claim your reward!

I see 21. Back to the game from a few years ago and quite a lot of changes, but I'm loving it so far. 🙂

All you asked was for us to find 5 bats and I see them. I love these games and puzzles trying to figure out just exactly what we're supposed to do....I thought maybe since there are so many bats in the image that you might of put baseball bats in the image but sure didn't find any of

I see 21 bats 🦇 thank you very much that is the 5 you asked for and 16 more

I see 21 bats! So I saw the 5 you wanted!

5batd was easy, but there are so many more than just 5 bats!! I counted 16 more beyond 5 bats!

I can see 16, possibly 17 so that definitely includes 5!

5 bats and many more! You guys rocks!🦇

There are many more than five. I agree with the number 22 ?, but I'm not sure - may have missed some.

.well there are 16 flyers and 4 hanging how is that also one 2 words ID:er7625nfy7rx

I see 21 plus the word "bat"s.Thanks!!

I saw the 5 you asked for and stopped counting.

5 bats plus more for me! An early birthday present here for a Halloween girl?

I see 21 bats, 4 hanging the rest in some sort of flight!

I counted a total of 21 bats in the image. 🦇

Count the bats? Or count five of them? What do you mean? I think everyone who answered deserves a $5 prize!

I hope they're the right 5.

I see 21 bats! 5 of those are hovering over the entrance bench.

I see your 5 bats and raise you 16 bats. I've just started my 3rd time through the Pearl's Peril story. Thanks

21. Including the 5 you were searching for.

I counted 21 bars + the word Bats! Bats are one of my favorite critters on the planet. Many people are aware of bats contributions to the environment, so much so that there is a waiting list to volunteer for the card of fruit bats at the Houston Zoo. I know, I'm just batty about bats & was nicknamed BatMom over 25 yrs ago. ^^^V^^^

Not to echo the "broken record" .. but you ask for "5 bats" and 21 are visible ... Any particular 5 you are asking for (or is this maybe a "trick" question?) Anyway TYSM for the enjoybable game, and the many extras you so generously bless us with!

I see 5, but I also see 16 others.

There are a lot more than 5 - 2 hanging from the ceiling, two to the right of the lantern, 3 to the left of the lantern. 5 coming in from the cave entrance just to name a few

I agree, way too many, that five are easily counted. 🎵 Bats to the left of me, bats to the right, here I am, batty in the middle with you!🎵😊

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A new *Cargo Drop* for you! Whats inside? Lets find out!

💻 On a web browser:

🍎 On an Apple device, click this link to open your web browser and launch the game:

🤖 Use this code in the Settings menu if the browser link does not work:

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What a great prize! Thank you!

Wow! Thanks Wooga!

Thank you for the 5 Dollars and the 5 Tickets

Thanks for the gift 🎁

Thank you so very much!

Thank you so much! 🤩

Thank you for the cash and tickets 💕

thanks so much pearl

thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You Very Much!

Thank you!

Thanks you guys

Thank you..💐

Thank you ❤

Thank you 🤩

Thank you 😊

Thank you!! 😁

Thank you!😘

Thank you

Thank you!

Thank you

thank you

Thank you

Thank you!

Thank you !!

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Hey Adventurers! Thank you to everyone that joined us earlier this week for a live Q&A with Richard, Elpis and the rest of the team! We are rounding out this Customer Care Appreciation Week with a contest. 😘

We want to hear about the times that Customer Care saved your game! We will award the 3 most heartwarming tales with 10 Cash! 💵

📣 Our Customer Care team cares! Let them know how much you appreciate them in the comments below!

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I am on fourth trip thru. I love this game and all the variety of the side games! I have yet to require help from the customer care team. Great work!!

I did ask a question and you did answer. I'm grateful for your advice and recommendation. Thank you for all you do and for providing us with a wonderful game to play with others. Job well done❤🥂

Thank u! When I was first figuring out the game, u actually answered! So happy!

I do not recall contacting Customer Care..When there is an issue it is usually corrected quickly. I LOVE playing and I really appreciate all the cargo drops to help me along. Thank You all for a GREAT job!!!!

I've been fortunate not to need customer care, but delighted to hear how helpful they are when you do need them.

The Customer Service persons has promptly replied to any concerns/questions regarding the game in a timely fashion and addressed the issues I had with loading the game. Thank you very much for the help. 🙂 (y)

Dear Wooga, I really need more storage for my goodies. I have sold off what I can sell off already and still do not have enough room. I want to keep the items that I paid cash for and the items that are rare. Please add more storage. Thank you.

When I received my new iPad from Santa a couple of years ago Support helped me transition the game to it smoothly! There have been many times I’ve asked for help and had questions answered courteously and with great care. I appreciate all that Customer Care and the Support teams do for us. As a Disabled Veteran I have come to appreciate the game even more since it helped me through some difficult times... like quitting smoking last year... getting off Opioid pain Meds the year before... and getting through dark and pain-filled days ever since! I love the game! Thanks to the Great Community Managers and all the Wooga Teams for helping me keep it positive, lovely, and bearable! Best therapeutic distraction, best games, and best game-teams out there! ❤️❤️❤️ Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for the tips and hints! It’s a great game to play!!!

😁 Thank you to all the customer care team Wooga and PP have an amazingly rare communication relationshipwith it's players. They care about and take an interest in their players! Whether it be taking care of game issues or questions we may have. I've had an amazing experience with customer care over the years! Thank you as well for free 🎁 tickets and cargo drops! Thanks to you for all you do for your players! 👏🏻 ✨👏🏻 ✨💖 🎉🎈 Thee best game! My addiction 😂 My escape!

Thank you Customer Care Team, you guys are the best. Now if Junes Journey would learn from you that would be great. I do like Pearls Peril the best and play it more

There's been a few times that the Customer Service Team provided me with excellent help and suggestions. I'd have to say that the most helpful was when I just starting using one of my unlimited hours of play and had a issue with my phone. I ended up losing the entire time and was really disappointed. I emailed them explaining my issue, and they responded quickly and ended up replacing my lost time! I was so grateful and impressed with the level of support I received it made me love the game even more. I just started my 4th time through the game and still look forward to playing everyday!!! You all really do care about the players and go the extra mile to ensure our happiness. Thank you and keep up the great work, it doesn't go unnoticed!!

Love the game, and getting help to keep playing the game. Great story line. Have to play to see what is going to happen. Finished playing the whole game. But I started playing it again because I like it so much. Thanks for such a great game.

I’m very grateful for all the times I needed help with things and it’s always been fixed in a timely manner and credit was given for what was lost or should had recieved! My mom passed away in 2015 and this game brought me happiness instead of so much sadness I’ve met people along the way have had lots of chats and comfort and support! Thank you for helping me through it! You Rock!

Customer Care Team /Wooga Support Team... thank you for always being there. I’m playing for the fifth time and still enjoy it. You are there if I run into trouble with your guidance I weather anything. ❤️🥰

I started playing Pearl's Peril in May. I was fighting a deep depression and trying anything and everything to help me climb out of it. I met some wonderful ppl and started "talking" to them daily. The distraction of the game and the friendship of other players helped bring me out of that depression. Also, I am on disability and accidentally bought energy for over half of my game cash!! I contacted Customer Cate and they refunded my money. Thank you Wooga for being more than just a game.

Always satisfied with the quick fixes to any issue I have had. Great job and thank you!

Thank you for your hard work. I've loved playing this game..I've finished the scenes in the regular game but really don't like Iris's Eyes so I don't play much's to fast and very difficult to get anywhere with it..I'm hoping for more regular game scenes soon. My hope is for a new Island soon..I use to play this 3 or 4 times a day but only play once a day for months and that is to play the ship.. Hopefully you all will be adding a new adventure soon..The support Staff has always been great!!!

I just love and appreciate all the Woods Associates! They were there over 4 years ago when I first started to play, and they were more than helpful when I had been away for over 4 months due to brain surgery and helped me to recover my game. The WHOLE TEAM care about the game, us as the players, and always makes it fun to play! I gave Wooga Associates 5 stars four years ago, and recently updated my review, if I could give the entire staff Ten 🌟 I would! This is truly a free and fun game for everyone! Danke Wooga Associates for your help, your compassion always, and all the fun!! 🙋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦋🌸

Thanks to the individuals that helped me out when I couldn't get back on the Island. If I find your names I will post them, much appreciated.

I have an addiction to Pearl’s Peril, I love this game. If I could play it day and night I would. I have trouble sleeping so it gives me something to do when I can’t sleep. Thank you so much for helping me every time I needed help when my game kept having issues. My teammates and I thank you for letting us play and bond with each other. Excited about the prizes and look forward to seeing what the future has in store for all of us.

I would be so lost without this wonderful service. Wooga is the only gaming company, that I'm aware of, that has such a relationship with their customers. customer service is always on the spot to help you through problems, questions or just about any situation we have. There service is always with the utmost respect and professional attitude. I've been playing PP now about 4.5 yrs, (not exactly sure) but each and every time I've had need to contact them they always respond quickly and kindly. I so appreciate the people who have dedicated their lives to making ours so pleasant and enjoyable. Thank you team Wooga. 💖💖💖

I'm old so my memory is slow but I do remember one time I wrote the team about my game not loading and they replied very quickly, I might add after I gave them all info and they had my game up and running. Also I wrote team about not being able to send gifts or tickets and again a prompt reply and game was fixed....oh also I remember another time not sure of the problem I was having but the team replied and gave me some free energy for my inconvenience. They did not have to do this but they did and I thanked them.....They deserve a round of applause for the care they give their players. Bravo to Customer Care

Thanks for all your hard work that y'all do. I have been very lucky because I had only one issue and it was taken care of in record time . Thanks for making a game that we keep playing over and over again. That speaks volumes about the game.

I haven’t had big problems with our game , but I appreciate how quick you come to the rescue for my teammates . TYSM !

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🎃 October is the best month of the year. Gorgeous leaves, crisp autumn air, and of course this next decoration set. Can you tell whats in store for your island?

Comment on Facebook

Have a fantastic weekend everyone thank you PP

One of the best decoration sets, hope there is lots of new stuff!!!

I have already placed my fabulous decorations up for not quite two months! Have been waiting, trying to maintain my patience and I am delighted to see this! Thank YOU!

I agree but the decorations are so expensive that it’s impossible to decorate the way you want to ☹️😩

Oooh! I'm hoping for some great Samhain (Halloween) decor!

My favorite time, can’t wait to haunt my island again. 👻🎃🦇 Thanks for the fun collection. 😃

My favorite decorations!

My favorite time of year. Love the new look.

Waiting thr whole year for this decorations! 💞💞💞

Please! Please! Include the pumpkin patch with the Halloween set. I really really want it but don't have enough game cash this week. Please please please!!!!!!!

Halloween decs cool love this so much ty PP

Ready for this set! Bring on the Halloween goodies!

Mmmmm? Could it be Halloween? Thank you for not rushing the seasons like the stores do! I can’t stand it when I see Christmas decorations in the middle of August!

Cool Halloween decorations! 👍

I have Halloween decorations in my storage (not many) because storage cost too much when you've been through 3 times and you're almost done with your 4th time. I have little space left on my Island and no storage space unless I use $$ which I won't do. I've even sold special items to gain more storage so I'm at a standstill for awhile. 🙁

Thanks wooga x

Oh yes!!! Ghost and goblins and jack o lanterns!!! Ah and a GORGEOUS cemetery too!!!! I love this set!!!!

Scary and fun Halloween decorations.

Halloween... of halloween!

One of my favorites, hope we can get them with coins......👻🍁

Επιτελους γιορτή!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤩🥳👻👹😈🤠🎃💀👽🧠

Thank you Pearls Peril for figuring out we weren't getting any butterflies for Iris Eyes! I play at least 50 scenes a day and for the first two days of this Fall Harvest thing, I got 2! Today I'm getting them again and I didn't even have to whine! Thanks again!

I have bought a few but I’m not into Halloween..

My favorite.....Halloween!!!

Don't have enough land space. I have to keep selling or putting up stuff. We need more land to purchase

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⚓ Hop aboard Petes boat and get the FREE TICKETS he has for you! Click Like if you will play the Captains Challenge today!

💻 On a web browser:

🍎 On an Apple device, please do not use the Facebook app but open this link in a web browser to launch the game:

🤖 On an Android device, enter this code in the settings menu:

Comment on Facebook

Thank you for the tickets!

Thank you for the tickets

Thank you for the tickets

Thank you for the tickets

thank you for the tickets

Thank you again! You’re awesome!!! We have the best team ever👍

Thank you so very much!!!

<3 Thank You! <3

Thank's, but many need cash and energy to. 🙂

Thanks very much 😁

Thank You Very Much!

Merci et bonne journée à l équipes...

Thank you, Thank you

Thanks Aunt Linda!

Thank you 😊

Thank you 😊

Thank you.

Thank you!

Thank you!!

Thank you!

Thank You 😉

Thank you

Thank you!

Thank you

Thank you.

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See you soon!

Comment on Facebook

Thank you!

Thank you PP

Someone has boycotted my game on my phone, and has used almost all my stored energy, at the end of August this summer, and now it is impossible for me to charge it again. please you have to do something, this is a game where you meet great people and somehow you disconnect from everything. It is not a game to have disappointment stress and discomfort. This is not an olympiad or career. Everyone can go to their rhythm of play. Please do something against all viruses and spam. Thank you very much, I already contacted the game developers several times but still. And I love this Game. Protect us from all cheats please

Danke fuer die Info <3 Wie der Gruppenname sagt eine tolle Gemeinschaft ,wo jeder hilft so gut er kann. Wenn Ihr neue Nachbarn braucht,Fragen zum Spiel habt oder euch nur austauschen möchtet, seid ihr bei uns genau richtig. Schaut einfach rein. Ihr seid herzlich Willkommen. <3

My team Alls Welcome is in need of 2 strong players, we just had 1 leave last night unexpected which leaves us 2 down, we always finish early

HELP! The söner of my group is not responding on group members request go take away 2 persons that not play Since over a month ago. Se have tryed and tryed to get here attension. What we do? This is the second group I am a membor in with this problem. De are all feeling the same in the group, what can we do? Can you help us please😭😭😭

I totally agree with Audrey! You have to give us more land. Maybe take a boat, plane or submarine to a new island!

are we ever going get more land

Comment récuperer des fleurs quand on est bloquépour jouer l'étape suivante?


My issue is on a different subject: those 4-day hidden food searches. While I appreciate the prizes, can you give us something other than the hour of unlimited energy as the grand prize? I know a lot of players who just can't play Pearl for a solid hour. What about tickets, a bigger cash prize or something else? Also, some of these games are real slogs. It takes forever to get through every level because all you get is the lowest value items. A couple of my Pearl friends have quit trying because they get tired of being nickel and dimed.

It would be great if our accumulated energy, etc could be saved and used when from the inbox. We can only collect 10 or 15, so couldn't we save the rest until needed, as in other games, rather than lose them or have them expire?

I missed it. Any update as to speeding up the time for Android users sending and asking for energy and tickets? Mine has been running alot better, 8 seconds seems to be the time in between the page changing. So it may already be done. For sure something's helped and it's not my service bc I am running good on wifi on both the phone and tablet.

I would like to be able to collect more than 10 Captain tickets from friend with a 3 goals doing a week pertaining to the challenges it can be very hard and easily go through a lot of tickets.

I know you let people pick names for their passport, but you should have their real name on there also. I had one person leave the club but was going to come back. She must not have been able to find the club and since no one was Facebook friends with her, no one could invite her back in. She came in when the club was opened, but the club became closed because too many were coming in and not playing.

Why so stingy with compasses? I have 2 areas if land ready to open but only have 12/30 compasses needed to do so. If I'm lucky I get a compass once a week. Help!

What can the earned gold badges be used for and the pink prestige flowers please

It takes forever to get land & you can't purchase energy or anything

Have you done away with the Today's deal. Can anyone tell me why as of this week have not seen one.

My FB friends don’t show as PP friends. How can I fix this?

Pourquoi ne pas avoir rester les photos on savait avec qui on jouait là les faces de chats je n'aime pas

Bonjour, où utiliser les codes cadeaux sur iPad?


Nei “Successi”quando finirò “competitivo ll ........?

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❗️Hey Adventurers! Its Customer Care Appreciation Week, and our amazing team will be available to answer your questions LIVE! Join Elpis, Richard and the rest of the group behind Pearls Peril on Thursday, October 10th on our Facebook fan page. Comment with your questions and we will answer in real time!

Cant make it? Leave your questions after the hour is up and we will respond at a later time. Also, well round up the most asked questions and share the answers with everyone for easy referral.

🔹 What: Live Q&A with Customer Care
🔹 How: See the post on our Facebook page and comment with your questions (
🔹 When: Thursday, October 10th at 3pm UTC, 5pm CET, 11am EST, 8am PST

We want to hear from you! No question too big or too small!

Comment on Facebook

Looking forward to it! 😁💕

Love this game...just completed day 1600 on the daily puzzle.

Y'll have done an amazing job! Thanks for making this game my top 2 of all time!

I love this game and I am getting close to finishing my 2nd time around, but I’m running out of room on the island and in storage. I have had to sell so many things to make room for others and I have only been playing for about a physical year. I find the artwork to be top notch and I still haven’t seen much of it. Where am I supposed to put it? Please expand the island or add another one. It would help a lot if the storage inventory could hold several of the same items in one box rather than multiple boxes like the storage area does in June’s Journey. I don’t mind paying for it (already have) but 7 sections of fence in one box would sure help. I really like Iris Eyes. Thanks much for your efforts. I do wish there was something that could be done about the frequent problems with loading or stalling. So many people complain about it.

Love the game and it never fails to amuse me even if I play it over and over for many years still to come ( If God wills ) .. I appreciate all your efforts by adding and changing things in it that makes us happy and content and never bored but always looking forward to your unexpected surprises!So from all my heart I salute you Wooga team.. I have only one request or as a matter of fact all my Adventure Club the ( Midnight Player's ) felt the same and hope you will take it into consideration .. A couple of weeks ago we lost to brain cancer a dear friend and an active teammate from our club.. God rest her soul .. after a while our club leader suggested that it's time we let her go and brought a new member into our club.. but what made us sad ! Is the word "Expelled" from the club .. we thought it too harsh a word ! We think you should realize there can be other reasons for no longer being a part of a club..Please change the word "Expelled to Released' it would be more appropriate for all reasons.. thank you so much from all of us . Much love 💖 ^_^

Please, please, please expand the game. I love the game however, I am tired of playing it over, and over, and over again. Instead of doing the things that you thought would improve the game just expand it. I have asked this for years!

I have well over a million coins. Would love to be able to buy energy and tickets and cash with excess coins.

As a new player I’d like to see a rotation mode on items. I would like a way to get more cash not just coins, adjustments on times would also be great oh and expand life bar would also be great xxx I do love playing though xx

I'm on my third time through and though I love the game it's getting really old with no new story and no land so the only thing I have going for me now is my Adventure Club

I wish you'd make the Island much bigger please ( preferably without us having to pay for the extensions ), also, add new stories please. I am on my third time around and to be honest, its getting rather monotonous and boring. The only reason i keep playing is because I don't want to let my club team mates down.

Hello Elips, Richard and the rest of the team, Is it possible to make the boat Tickets available to give to team members with out using Facebook? I find it a huge disappointment in the game and also a huge disadvantage for team members that do not invite strangers onto their Facebook pages. In this day and age where we want to keep ourselves safe, inviting-people that we do not Know into our personal Facebook just is not safe! It would be great if the game would make it fair to all players by allowing boat tickets to become available in the game! Thanks

I used to love this game but lost it when it said I had to switch to chrome as my browser. I don't understand why?

Why am I not getting energy that my fb friends are sending? I see they’ve sent it in my envelope but it’s not showing on my energy board! Also, it’d be nice if you would put out a post about all the ways to send and receive energy, tix and items.

🙏♥️🇺🇸 We know that y’all have to keep giving rewards suitable for the newer players, but it’s getting on the nerves of veteran players. Why can’t y’all do an “either/or reward”? allow us to choose, the one,best suited, for the players.That way we wouldn’t have,millions of something, that we can’t use & the newer players could be building up, what they need. Also I agree, that if we have 20 trees/etc & we want to store them, PLEASE LET US STORE THEM IN THE UNIT ❗️ I love it when y’all use a sense of humor in the scenes, like “cat” I immediately looked at the sandpile. That’s just 1 example, please keep it up. 🥰

It would be great if our accumulated energy, etc could be saved and used when from the inbox. We can only collect 10 or 15, so couldn't we save the rest until needed, as in other games, rather than lose them or have them expire?

I am having trouble getting the game to load on my iPad. I have not been able to load it for several weeks.

How about another way to earn butterflies (and maybe be allowed to have more than 10 at a time)? How about another way to get Captain's tickets, too? I go along with others who would like to know why you haven't made extension stories/games to Pearl's Peril (like Criminal Case has... except you can, at least initially, keep the original characters that are still alive at the end of Chp 90).

I did this last time as my game is unable to allow me to send tickets in CC. Never fixed it! Now another part I’m unable to ask for help .. nothing done nothing fixed and yet support has known this for over a year ..

please expand the island would be nice run out of room

For those of us who have building materials that are not in use, would you consider a way for us to cash them out? It sure would be nice. Possibly for the green cash and not coins?

Playing PP tonight, ran out of energy. Used my 10 minutes of free energy. Every time time intent into my challenge it would throw me out into the script where you go when you have no energy. But you you could see the minutes ticking away. Never did let me play. What away to cheat me out of my 10 minute freebie.

Was the Q&A saved so I may watch it?

I want to know why Wooga doesn't do something about the excessive number of captain's challenges in Adventure Clubs. One of our teammates had 41 captains yesterday, which is outrageous, especially since Wooga is so stingy with tickets. We can't afford to pay to play and the members who like to buy the speed boosts to help us finish faster are getting discouraged when all they draw is captains. I don't expect Wooga to pay any attention to this but I feel better just making our feelings known.😕😟☹️

Wish island was bigger and takes along time to get tickets for captains challenge with only one free spin a day

If you aren't going to expand the island or offer more buildings we need to be able to sell our extra building pieces for cash instead of coins, would also be nice to be able to trade a certain amount of coins for cash.

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⚡️Hey Adventurers! Looking for friends to share energy with? Comment below to find other players to add to your friends list! Once you are connected you can share energy and keep the adventure going!

Please comment below with how long you have been playing Pearl (and how often you play) to help find your perfect pairing... and a new friend! 🤩

Comment on Facebook

I have been playing for over a year and play June’s journey. Love them both. I play every day.

I play daily, sometimes twice a day. I've been playing for a couple of years, with a short impasse in between. I joined an adventure club and I love it! I have only one active friend, I would love to have more.

I’ve been playing for about 4 years. I would love to have someone that plays a lot. Thanks.

Hello Everyone, I have been playing Pearls Peril for more than a year and also play June's Journey. I play daily, often 3 hours per day. I love these games and the company that developed them.

i've been playing for 6 months. I love the game, but only one active friend. I play several times a day. Please add me 😉

I play daily. I am on my 3rd round. I am in an adventure club. I would love to have more friends to share energy with. I love both Pearl’s Peril and June’s Journey.

been playing for about 6 months I love this game I play couple times a day always gift just don`t have a lot of friends that play on a daily basics would love to have more friends that play

I'm on my 4th time through Pearl and belong to a Great Adventure club that's the absolute best. Junes Journey is OK but I don't play it as often as Pearl. I have to agree with a few others: I wish Wooga would create a sequel for Pearl, even if island expansion is out of the question.

I have been playing for almost 2 years. I am the leader of our group. Need members every now & then. Love to have you as a friend to invite you to my group. Love this game

Been playing almost 1 year. I have only one active friend would love more.

I'm about 2 scenes away from finishing the first way through. Looking forward to a 2nd time. I play every 2 to 3 hours.

Just started playing in June after I retired. Love it! I play at least three times a day and I was wondering how to connect with a member of your adventure group so they can get energy and tickets from you like your facebook friends can. I would love more friends to send gifts to.

I have been playing PP for a couple of years now. I usually play at least 2 to 3 times a day, unless I am not at home. I love it. I now play June's Journey also. I love both games.

Hi everyone. I play at least 4 times a day. I have been playing for over 3 years. I am in an Adventure Club, but I am looking for a new club as the club I am in has almost totally fallen apart. It seems that a lot of people quit playing after they finish the quest for the first time. But I enjoy the game so much that I just keep going. I would love to have some new friends that I can share with, but my only problem is something is wrong with my facebook and I can't search for new friends. I am not real computer literate, so if you want a new friend, please send me a request. Thanks

On my 2nd go around and play throughout the day every day. Enjoy it.

I’m on my 3rd time around, I work so my time is limited, but enjoy the challenge of the game. Would like some new friends. Love the ones I have.

Been playing for a few years now,play every day, as much as I can, could be a few hours of and on, usually waiting for tasks or energy

I enjoy playing ever day. Would love to see a new Pearl's Peril 2 adventure game so that we don't have to keep playing the same game over and over again

I’m on my 3rd time around, and I’m an avid player. Every day, as often as my energy is full. I love the game, even after playing as long as I have.

I seem to have been playing forever. I am on my 4th time around and still enjoy the game

I'm on my fourth time through and play daily I'm open to new friends but must have there friends list locked so others can't see your friends

I play every day. This is my second time round. Maybe we could have Pearl's Peril 2? None of my FB friends play though. Would love to add friends to help each other out. Cheers.

It is my 2nd round, i play every day.😁👍👍👍

I'm on Facebook you can go to Linda Bernell and I will put you in on friends cuz I play portal all the time they've been playing for four years

I play them every day im on my second round with Pearl very enjoyable

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A new *Cargo Drop* for you! Whats inside? Lets find out!

💻 On a web browser:

🍎 On an Apple device, click this link to open your web browser and launch the game:

🤖 Use this code in the Settings menu if the browser link does not work:

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Thank you so much for the awesome 10 tickets!

Wow thank you. I really needed the tickets.

Amazing. 10 tickets! I now have 37. Ready, set & go for this weeks challenge.

Thank you!

Thank you

Thank you

So needed thanks xxx

Grazie ancora per questi biglietti!! 👍😊

Dank je!




Merci pearl's

Thank you!!!! I love getting free tickets!

thank you, always need tickets

What a GREAT Gift! I can always use tickets!! Thank you!

Thank you for the tickets. I really needed them after the last quest.

THANK YOU so very much for the CC Tickets !!!! <3

Thank you! This is the first time the Cargo Drop has worked for me in 3-4 weeks. Appreciate your hard work.

Zowee! Love the tickets! <3 Thank You! <3

Thank you! Helps a lot.

Thank you. I always need tickets for my Adventure Club challenges.

Thank You for the gift.

My team Alls Welcome is in need of 2 strong players, we just had 1 leave last night unexpected which leaves us 2 down, we always finish early

Thanks for the great Cargo Drop of 10 CC tickets, as the last two quest ran up over 120 CC tickets, so now I have a small head start of CC tickets now. Hope there will not be too much CC action on this next quest.

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Hey Adventurers! Can you spot the 5 differences in the image below? Well award one correct answer with 5 Cash! Ready... Set... Find! 🕵️‍♂️

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Pink bush, button on shirt, wood missing on window, cabinet door flower missing, book design missing. Had fun finding them!

Window top right only has one large window, lower button on shirt missing, pink flowers are missing, circle on cabinet top door is different, and the book on bottom shelf does not have design on it. That was fun! Thanks!

1. Pink flower in a pot 2. Button on his shirt 3. Top right window is missing a framing 4. Book label 5. The flower in the diamond on the cabinet is missing Thank you! I love this game!🎃

The medallion on the door it circle is different, shirt button, flowers are missing from bush outside, top book on bottom shelf has square missing, the top right window is missing the framing. ♥️

The bottom on a shirt ,the window frame,the pink flower,the book label, the flower on the cabinet door

#1 Extra button on one -- #2 Cabinet has different designs in diamond shape -- #3 Top right window missing vertical frame -- #4 Table (bottom shelf) top book cover is different -- #5 Flowers are different colors in next room 👍🏼

Wooden Filigree, Button, Flowering planter, Window Pane, and Book label. Yaaay! Thanks for the chance.

The medallion on the wardrobe door is missing, bottom button on shirt is missing, pink flowers from bush outside the window are missing, brown book on bottom shelf has the label missing and top right window is missing its frame/beam. Thank you xx

missing button, missing pink flower, missing window frame, missing cabinet embellishment, missing book label. This was fun!

Pink flower bush, button on shirt, flower pattern missing on cabinet door,book design missing on cover, wood missing on upper right large window. Thank you for the chance to win!

My team Alls Welcome is in need of 2 strong players, we just had 1 leave last night unexpected which leaves us 2 down, we always finish early

This is my first time doing one of these, it was really hard for me!! You guys are good! 1. The center centerpiece on the wardrobe closet is missing a design 2. The man is missing a button on a shirt 3. The window above and to the right of the man’s head is missing a metal piece 4. The book covers on the bottom of the table are different 5. The plant in the other room has pink flowers and the other does not.

one button,circle design missing on cabinet, one window is wider, no design on the bottom book shelf, and pink flowers missing.

Button, door pattern ,window strut ,pink flowers, emblem on book ! Thanks for the fun game and a chance to win .

Button on shirt is missing, large windows top right/center went from one to 2, pink flowers missing from bush far right, door of cabinet circle design is different & book on bottom shelf design on cover not in top pic.

Buttons on his shirt Label on book covering Tall pink flower Window ,part of the frame is missing so large window . carving missing on cabinet

buttons door window pink flowers book thanks guys

I HAVE TO SAY "GOOD BYE" TO EVERYONE, I have tried, & tried to get past game 57 and just cannot retrieve one item to move one . I've deleted and re-downloaded...cleaned my cache and rebooted this computer.. to no avail.. I really enjoyed playing this game.

Flowers on right side in window are different colours. Emblem on cabinet missing flower pattern. Upper right window pane missing missing dévider. Button missing on shirt. Book on bottom shelf of table missing design on cover

wood slat in window, button missing on shirt, flowers missing, design on book missing, cabinet door design missing....thank you...

extra button on shirt , pink flowers , label on book, medallion on door, window slat missing

button is missing. Right window on top is missing frame, pink flowers in the pot, The book label, flower in the diamond on cabinet is missing, carving missing om=n cabinet

1. Top window has one pane instead of two. 2. Only one button. 3. Bush outside is missing flowers. 4. Round detail missing in the center of the triangle on the cabinet. 5. Book on coffee table missing green on the cover.

One button, emblem missing on book, window strut missing, pink flowers, door decoration

1.missing shirt button 2. Rose bush not blooming 3. Wardrobe door decoration 4. Brown book cover on bottom shelf 5. Upper window pane is missing center framework

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🐠 We did it, Adventurers! Thanks to our generous players we raised $7,169 for the Coral Reef Alliance. Thanks to your kindness, our oceans will benefit from their efforts to restore these valuable ecosystems. Plus you got some goodies too! Enjoy — you deserve them!

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Hey Adventurers! Our team member Anissa and the corals of Vietnam say thank you! Your donations matter!

Fantastic glad to help to support to save our 🌏 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Yay 😁 Congratulations Coral Reef Alliance! Well deserved!

Congratulations To The Coral Reef Alliance!🎈🎉

Congratulations! Great cause!

Great Job

Congratulations EVERYONE, great job!!

Congratulations, well done

Congratulations !!


I love this!


My team Alls Welcome is in need of 2 strong players, we just had 1 leave last night unexpected which leaves us 2 down, we always finish early

Love that we were able to contribute to their wonderful work!

Congratulations! Coral Reef Alliance! Happy to help save our environment 🐠🐡🌏

Super worthy cause!! Congratulations Wooga! 🥳

Well done congratulations.🥰🥳.

Great job!

Wooga, thank you for making this available!

Congratulations 👍


Well done.



🌿🌸🌿 Awesomeness Extradinaire! 🌿🌸🌿

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