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A Walk-through of Iris’s Eyes

How to Play Pearl’s Peril’s New Feature Pearl’s Peril has introduced an entirely new game style with its latest feature: Iris’s Eyes. You will need quick reflexes and a sharp eye to capture these prizes in this one-of-a-kind challenge. Let’s explore how to start playing Iris’s Eyes… whether this is your first time playing Pearl’s […]

The Meaning of Butterflies in Iris’s Eyes

Butterflies are everywhere when you play Iris’s Eyes. But what do they mean? Our artists were very deliberate in all their choices, and the Butterfly icon is no exception. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Even beyond its journey from caterpillar to beautiful winged insect, it dances with the wind to embrace change. Not […]

Feedback, please! What do you think of Iris’s Eyes so far?

Hey, Adventurers! Were you one of the lucky few that got to try out Iris’s Eyes early? What do you think? Do you enjoy finding objects using only the silhouettes? Is it exciting to work against the clock? What do you think of Iris’s story and the rewards for playing? Share your feedback with us […]

A Walk-through of Iris’s Eyes

How to Play Pearl’s Peril’s New Feature Pearl’s Peril has introduced an entirely new game style with its latest feature: Iris’s Eyes. You will need quick reflexes and a sharp eye to capture these prizes in this one-of-a-kind challenge. Let’s explore how to start playing Iris’s Eyes… whether this is your first time playing Pearl’s […]

The Meaning of Butterflies in Iris’s Eyes

Butterflies are everywhere when you play Iris’s Eyes. But what do they mean? Our artists were very deliberate in all their choices, and the Butterfly icon is no exception. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Even beyond its journey from caterpillar to beautiful winged insect, it dances with the wind to embrace change. Not […]

Feedback, please! What do you think of Iris’s Eyes so far?

Hey, Adventurers! Were you one of the lucky few that got to try out Iris’s Eyes early? What do you think? Do you enjoy finding objects using only the silhouettes? Is it exciting to work against the clock? What do you think of Iris’s story and the rewards for playing? Share your feedback with us […]


If you are new to Pearl, you are about to discover a world of thrills and fun. Pearl Wallace’s glamorous social life grinds to a halt with her father’s mysterious death. Luckily she has friends to help her along the way—like the intrepid and stylish journalist, Iris. Discover perilous secrets, true friends and deadly rivals. Download today to join our more than half a million daily players!

A New Adventure
on Artemis Island.

The spirits of the island are stirring, and a voice from the past is asking for help. Will you answer the call?

A new way to play!

See through the eyes of the island’s resident clairvoyant as you search for hidden objects in a brand new game mode, Iris’s Eyes. Match objects using only their silhouettes to guide you, but hurry! The connection to the spirit world is fleeting!



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Sacrebleu! Benoît is organizing everyones favorite seafood home deliveries and hes still missing some ingredients. Help him out by playing scenes in the main story!

🍤 Play the Seafood Event now! ==><noscript><img src=

Comment on Facebook

I don’t understand while some players are saying they are getting $20 cash at end and I will only get $10. I will love it if someone explains it to me. I’m beyond frustrated. I know I don’t have to play the side game, but I only ask that it be fair to all players.

It's pretty hard to win these contests when all I get in my adventure club is one captains challenge after another.

Thanks for all of the "extras" Wooga does to keep Pearl's Peril the best game I play. It takes me at least 10 minutes for the game to download every time I have to log out but it is always worth it whenever I get the game back up on the screen.

Thank you ! for the game BUT now i want fresh seafood!!! I would have to drive 9 hours or more to get to the ocean!! Wishing all of you a GREAT DAY!!

I love these games and I greatly appreciate the game cash we get as the final prize! I always need game cash because I use all mine to speed up tasks in the weekly challenges. I am so thankful, no matter the amount, so thank you Wooga!

Would like to have friends to play the game ,we can play and still not be on the same group if we are friends on face book

What we need is an easy access to land. My favorite game, but keeps my too frustrated. Sad, I log in and collect resources and log out. Guess I'm stuck!

Instead of the second prize being after maybe 6,000 points, mine is set to the maximum for the whole game and is not progressing like it should.

wish they started at the beginning of the AC, especially for those teams which finish early. Personally, I do not have the time to complete these mini games. Nor do I have the physical energy. No offense to those who play. Just not my cup of tea.

Butterflies and compasses. I went thru 42 energies and received 1 butterfly and NO compasses.

I've been playing for almost 4 years, I love my teammates, the game, cash, prizes..It's fun...come join the Beach Bums♡

I think it depends how far you are into the game, say scene 5 vs scene 80

That's not fair. Mine says $15.

I play every day x

I'm enjoying the game.

On my ninth time almost done, Wooga has found a way to get me to stop playing the side games, congratulations Wooga!

Really?! This game requires A LOT of energy & the Gift is100 coins? Shame on you.

Too hard. I only play the key challenges now. Have fun all you who participate!

?? van 2310 punten halen naar 10.250? wat een stap, hoeveel moet je voor het einde dan wel niet halen? sorry ik pas...

non merci je vais etre malade depuis le temps qu ils veulent nous les donnez 😂🥳

Suche neue Mitspieler

Stopped playing a long time ago

e voi continuate a chiedere scene capitano nel club.. ebbastaaaaa

Esta semana deberían agregar energía extra en el club de aventura..gracias

Merci du cadeau 🎁

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Hey Adventurers, we played a round of Live Pearls Peril from one of our players living rooms and it was so much fun! Now its your turn. Send us a photo of an interesting corner of your home and we will pick one for our next round of Live Pearls Peril!

🏠📷Share photos of your homes in the comments!

Comment on Facebook

This is our view from our eat in Kitchen area. Nice morning view of our pool & the lake. Off to the right (which you can't see in this photo) is our yard. Our backyard sets on a lake which is kind of hard to see in this photo.

I am in this group not able to see task I am to do. ...could you help me Pearl. How do I see my task ???

My favorite place is my new to me living room. Just moved in & about to make it my JJ play area.

Stukje living

Mijn plekje

met petekind in de tuin

Immer noch dieses

Add me

My favorite place/corner to play - outside sitting on the couch, feet up, sunrise/sundown, and the fire on (in the colder months!) and of course with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

My favirote corner😀😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Our puppy and toys enjoying our recliner.

All we need are the item list at the bottom and I am ready to play lol

My favourite corner to play my games.

🤔 Huh? How'd i miss this? From whom's home? I'm so confrused 🤪

Lots and lots to find in one corner of my kitchen!

A corner of my courtyard

My little sewing corner.

My favorite terrace In my house

My sacred space.

Here's my little corner.

I love this game but it won't load! I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times still won't load! Please help!!!!

Little bit of heaven

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A new *Cargo Drop* for you! Whats inside? Lets find out!

💻 On a web browser:

🍎 On an Apple device, click this link to open your web browser and launch the game:

🤖 On an Android device, use this code in the Settings menu if the browser link does not work:

Comment on Facebook

Bad link! It does not launch the game on an iPad, it just opens a new FB window. PLEASE FIX THE LINK!!!

Lovely just lovely I hope you all get the ticket to go where you want to and the energy to use them to your fulfillment!!!! Thank you !

Thank you so very much always needed tickets and energy!!! you guys rock!!!

Thank you for the awesome cargo drop! I used Apple and it worked perfectly!!

Thank you for the CC tickets & the 3 Energy! As always, these gifts are appreciated! 😁

In June's journey I can play on my phone with out loging in to facebook. Now for Pearl's Peril no option of not log in outside of facebook. Just lost me there! What the heck you all doing. WAKE UP.

Thank you that was nice I am looking for neighbors who want to play in a group with me I was reading a comment from 2018 . wow

Thank you for the energy & tickets I can always use them both!

Thank You, looking forward to the quest starting 🙂

Can’t get the cargo drop and still can’t get the tickets from Thursday, can you help please.thank you

Thanks for the energy and tickets! I haven’t had any issues being an apple user. Always get the drops.

thx for tickets and other gifts!

Yes I agree with Anita schoch about getting rid of the old messages or prizes already received. But I love the game

Thank You i love cargo drops have a good day

Thanks for the gift. My problem: I can't answer the demands of my partners and I can't ask them anything. Could you do something about it?

Can you make personal posts on here for recruiting members to your adventure club? Thank you. 🙂

Does not work for Apple users.

This drop didn't work for me on my Apple device. It kept taking me to facebook sign-on.

Thank you very much for the tickets and energies 🤩👏

It’s been several days now that the Apple link just takes us to a loop that does nothing.

Not working for Android ☹️

Go into settings then help. Under user ID it is Gift Code then enter the 13 diget code. Hope this helps.

Thank you for the tickets and the energy. Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend.

Wow...generous cargo drop!

Whenever there are any type of things from this game it sends me right back to the game and then nothing. So iv never received anything

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🎷 Hey Adventurers, are you looking for the best soundtrack to play Pearls Peril by? Lets write it together! Nominate your favorite songs that inspire you to play Pearls Peril. Well have the team listen to them and create the perfect Spotify playlist for everyone to enjoy.

🎶 Nominate your song in the comments below!

Comment on Facebook

Eh. I just listen to whatever I generally enjoy but feels too disruptive when writing, as it takes me away from the 'place' i need to be at. A lot of the time it that might mean an audio book or a podcast. (One example being Spirits "a boozy dive into mythology legends and folklore." Harpy hour, is good as well.)

I really dislike the jazzy piano music, especially when there is the noise of a crowd in the background. It makes me nervous. I suggest "Come on Irene"--Dexys Midnight Runners.

I like Overcomer by Mandela ! Ir is the song that helped Robin Roberts on Good Morning America! I think Pearl is an overcomer! As well of many Americans. We all have a story of overcoming something’

when I am playing the butterfly I often whistle "The William Tell Overture" I find it difficult to move slowly when they play that and I have learned not to see Silver galloping down the road while I play

Anything by Louis Armstrong although I was born in the 60s and love all kinds of music 🎼 Pearl makes me think of Louis singing “Fly me to the Moon” off on one of her adventures!

1930s story so some 1930s music — Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, etc. Then songs for specific scenes__Paris, American cowboy, and so forth.

I adore the song from MOSCOW AIRSTRIP , but unfortunately it is only in this scene... I do wish we had more of this song in other special scenes... please... and I normally take only a few hours to finish the scenes but this one I always leave so that I can enjoy the music..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Looks to me like you need a music options button with a few songs on it. You'll never make everyone happy. Lol. I think some techno music would be cool 🙂 Or else music from the Era

I enjoy the music that is already in the background. Some time-appropriate songs from the various countries in that era would be great. Otherwise I'd feel it was all too anachronistic for me! 😀

Let's just knock everybodies socks off...dream weaver is a must...into the mystic...if you dont know it now is a good time to find it. Jackie Wilson and Sam Cook. I got more . ??..and it's ok you can thank me later 😁

Simon & Garfields "I am a rock" keep thinking about this song when I see the new island which I will never get finished because you stopped making compasses at least when I play

How about some Fall Out Boy "centuries" and Toad the Wet Sprocket "All I Want"!

Every time I play the Great Zeppelin scenes I think of the song Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin

oldies but goodies would be great love old time rock in roll it is the best ever friends over 70 lets hear it for oldie but goodies

I agree with you about the music I keep all of mine off on all the games that I play because they distract me from the games even when I played June I play it because I want to read it and be in the moment and everything else so I don't even play June's music and not even pearls I don't even do Candy crush soda when I play the game I have solitaire games I totally do not use soundtracks so I can constantly keep my mind on what I'm doing and not be distracted sorry

P.S. All the songs I would nominate would be Christian songs bc that's what I am & that's what I listen to. I surely hope you don't use the demonic, rap, hard rock or any of that other junk. Doesn't matter if you do or not, I'm still turning it off until you create an option to keep the sounds & music off. If it doesn't glorify God, it's just noise.

Favorite of mine would be Key Largo ,, by Bertie Higgins,, I can see Pearl and Klaus just sailing away for a fun weekend in Key Largo.

Some late 20's early 30s Jazz. A little Louis Armstrong. Flying Down to Rio.

Can´t smile without you - Barry Manilow and Doris Day - Dream A Little Dream of me...

I have my Sound always turned off, it is irritating and distracting. Definitely, not a fan of the noise.

Riviera Paradise by Stevie Ray Vaughan...beautiful

I'm not sure which tune it is. But the one with the flute and drums. It's my favorite one.

🤔 hmm, good question I don't have any answer for as I've never heard PP's music during my 8 travels through it 😂

I simple adoro the song for the airport , I must find it.

When we got married our first song was forever by kiss 🤩

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Hey Adventurers! Benoît’s in his kitchen doing what he does best... cooking up a storm! Are you cooking something new these days? Grab these free Coins and share your recipes in the comments below!

Click here to receive your Free Coins... and stay safe!

💻 On a web browser:

🍎 On an Apple device, click this link to open your web browser and launch the game:

🤖 On an Android device, use this code in the Settings menu if the browser link does not work:

#PlayApartTogether #PearlsPeril #Playtika

Comment on Facebook

I am missing out! I missed out on this, the tickets and the energy because I keep getting this error message!! 😕

Hello Everybody, I just left my group to create a new one called «Regular players», some of them was supposed to join me but I just realized the group list is not complete in the game. I am afraid they will not find me, I try to be visible somewhere so they can find me, any suggestions??

Thank you! Easiest ever recipe. Cook spaghetti then stir through Marmite and grated cheese!

Chicken Vegetable soup~ 1 pound bonless skinless chicken cooked, 1 large can of cream of chicken, 2 large cans of mix vegetables cook in crock pot for 4 hours on low. I like to eat it with oyster crackers ~ 1 pk of crackers mixed with 1/4 c. vegetable oil and 1 pk of ranch season mix. THIS IS SO GOOD

Did you know you could easily make your own English Muffins? These are super easy and super tasty!!! www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/english-muffins-recipe

I love my ground turkey, black beans and taco seasoning dish! My daughter made it one day and ask, if I like to try it, and it was very yummy! 1 pound groud turkey, 16 oz can black beans and a small pack of taco seasoning. Mix all well after the turkey is cooked and then there you have this great dish!

Bananna Bread...Step 1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Lightly grease a 9x5 inch loaf pan. Step 2 In a large bowl, combine flour, baking soda and salt. In a separate bowl, cream together butter and brown sugar. Stir in eggs and mashed bananas until well blended. Stir banana mixture into flour mixture; stir just to moisten. Pour batter into prepared loaf pan. Step 3 Bake in preheated oven for 60 to 65 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into center of the loaf comes out clean. Let bread cool in pan for 10 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack.

We are making a lot of Caprese salad these days. Make a bed of shredded romaine lettuce on your serving tray or platter alternate slices of your favorite raw tomato with slices of fresh mozzarella cheese, tear fresh basil and sprinkle over the top of your tomatoes and cheese, add salt & pepper to taste drizzle with balsamic glaze. I also sprinkle a little balsamic vinaigrette for a little extra flavor.

I’m in need of friends, and a good club the one I’m at doesn’t chat or anything , just started and only have 2 fb friends.

I got the coins, energy, tickets and the rocking pony! YES! What a wonderful surprise!

Cream cheese stuffed chicken thighs: Boneless chicken thighs, Cream Cheese ( I uses cream cheese with onion and chives), Seasoning to your taste, and bacon. Season thighs to your taste, fill center with cream cheese, wrap with bacon, use tooth pick to hold bacon in place. Bake or grill @ 350 till bacon is done to your liking.

Thank you for the coins. I would be nice if we could use the coins for energy or gems though. I do some baking. One thing I have done is an appleless apple pie.

Garlic Bites: put raw, peeled garlic in a jar. Fill with 3/4 Apple Cidar vinegar to 1/4 honey. Leave 2 weeks in the fridge to pickle. Eat 1-3 cloves daily, up to 5 if treating a cold or flu.

I make low carb tater tot casserole with riced cauliflower on top. Used a couple of bags of frozen on top and used the broiler for a couple minutes. Very yummy.

I make a corned beef brisket and with the left over brisket I make Ruben sandwiches just have to add the swiss cheese, thousand island dressing, sauerkraut, and (I prefer) pumpernickel-rye bread. So gooood! And 2 meals in one.

In these days I'm trying to cook some traditional romanian dishes.. For example just today, I prepared potatoes soup with carrots and fresh parsley.. My boyfriend loved it! He's vegan, so I try to invent something new nearly each day! 😊

Thanks for the coins. Stay safe. Enjoy your holiday if you can. Love you all.

I like to make a stir fry mixed with all my favorite veggies, I make a homemade peanut sauce that I mix with the veggies, I lay down rice they veggies with peanut sauce.

thanks so much big fan of this game ,,are you guys goin add more islands

Getting creative, salmon and chorizo with pasta, in ham, leek and cheese sauce, yummy.

Thank you for the coins no recipes my husband does the cooking😁💕

Thank you for the coins and today for dinner(lunch) is tuna salad.

Thank you, Just making Nachos tonight with barbecue pulled pork. They are excellent! Putting the jalapenos on the side. Putting extra sauce on the side as well. Make them with everything you like! Yum!

Encore des pièces 😡😡😡J'en ai 1million 800 et elles ne servent à rien 😡😡😡 Je ne les récupère pas ! Essayez d'être plus innovant en ce qui concerne les récompenses car le jeu devient lassant ! Depuis 2014 que j'y joue m, il n'a plus aucun attrait 😡😡😡

It this will be a collection game I hope you will bring back the one hour infinity token....please!!!

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⚓️ Hop aboard Petes boat and get the FREE TICKETS he has for you! Click Like if you will play the Captains Challenge today!

💻 On a web browser:

🍎 On an Apple device, click this link to open your web browser and launch the game:

🤖 Use this code in the Settings menu if the browser link does not work:

Comment on Facebook

Every cargo drop and ticket option for the last week have not worked! All tell me that "Already been claimed" when that is not true.

Thanks so much for tickets! Have a great day

Fabulous! Thank you so much for the tickets!

Thank you Pearl's Peril! I really needed tickets this week!

Thanks Perils Peril for Top Fan!! I love this game.❤

Have also just tried that and that also doesn’t work, I get the same result as Debbie Banks does.

Thank you for the tickets, they like gold dont get them often

Thank you, really needed these! Have a great day!

Thank you so much, I love the captain 😍😍

cant get the tickets keep telling me i already got them and i didnt

Thank you for the tickets 🤗

Still will not load with any of links for apple user. Thank you

thank you pearls peril

The Apple link does not work. Just sends to useless loop.

Can’t collect on either link.. thank you anyway..

Thx for the Tickets!

This is STILL not working!!!

You're very thoughtful Pete.

Wow thanks For the tickets!!

Thank you captain Pete.... 😉

thanks for the tickets

Merci pour les énergies👍😀

Thanks. I needed one more to finish a task.

I like this game! 🤙🏽😊

Thank you PP captain and Wooga

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Hey Adventurers! Molly is staying in too, and while at home she brewed the perfect energizing drink!

❓What’s your favorite breakfast beverage? Click here to receive free energy and share your pick in the comments!

💻 On a web browser:

🍎 On an Apple device, click this link to open your web browser and launch the game:

🤖 On an Android device, use this code in the Settings menu if the browser link does not work:

#PlayApartTogether #PearlsPeril #Playtika

Comment on Facebook

I was looking for energy...but it did open up to the captain's challenge. I hope I also receive free tickets. Favorite morning drink, coffee with my sugar and cream.

Coffee, strong and black I got my energy, thank you so much! Love this game and Wooga

I love having coffee w/ cream & sugar or a white chocolate coffee, thank you for the tickets it worked for me, no problem

Thank you for the tickets, while I enjoy my cup of tea!😊

I am having my coffee I love this game it is great and the teams are wonderful

Thank you for the energy! My favorite morning drink is Hawaiian coffee (Ka'u Dark) brewed in a French press. Yummy!

Thanks for the energy 😍😘💋

My favorite morning drink is coffee with plain almond milk and stevia!Umum!

I just tried on my IPad. Still doesn’t work.

This doesn’t work on iPad! Neither did cargo drop! Always works! Just like free gift in email! Sucks! Get nothing.

Coffee and starbucks doubleshot mocha espresso!

merci beaucoup pour ces cinq énergies. Bonne journée pour tous

Either a cup of English or Irish Breakfast tea with a wee drop of milk. The best way to start a day!

Vanilla Vega Protein Powder, Vanilla Almond milk and blueberries! My heaven! Then a black coffee!

Thanks for energy, I like the coffee with milk (latte), or cocoa, or tea.

Fruit and yogurt frozen smoothie. Thank you.

Coffee with sweetener & White Chocolate Macadamia creamer!!

Dark Roasted Coffee, sugar and flavor creamer. Thanks.

Coffee! With French Vanilla creamer.

Thanks for the energy, my morning drink is coffee with hazelnut cream

Tea with poached egg and salmon.

Surprise surprise: I didn't have a winning ticket. I think this raffle is rigged.

Merci Molly pour les énergies offertes. Bonne journée sous le soleil mais aussi le confinement

My favorite drink first thing in the morning is a nice glass of water or sometimes milk

I like coffee with hazelnut creamer. Thank you

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Comment on Facebook

I love this Scandinavian Spring set. It's all new to me and I want everything, which obviously isn't going to happen as I have barely enough cash to get more than one cash item. But I love those barnacle geese and the beavers and the heather and the trees.... so I'll get what I can for coins and see how much cash I've built up at the end of this set. Love the puffins too! 🙂

I bought what I could with coins but want so much that costs $ 😩 definitely not complaining tho! I just want everything 😅

Great set, but almost all, except few, need to be purchased with cash, almost all, so disappointed 😕😕😕

How come the Puffins not in set its in video, are they going to be a team quest prize, id like them,xxx

Why I can’t get to the next chapter either want dollars that I don’t have or they want too many pts .5 pts isn’t going to make on June the game they give you more pts like 15

Don't like that all of the water items are for cash, as well as some of the larger items.

To co lepsze i ładniejsze, tylko za $$ a to co już dawno wybierane w grze, dają za pieniądze. Skąd nabrać tych $$. Jak wydam na jedną ozdobę to na inne brakuje. Dajcie więcej ładnych rzeczy za pieniążki.

Zou liever hebben dat het omgekeerde werd aangeboden veel items met munten ,vooral de huizen en personen en het minder belangrijke met biljetten zou veel leuker zijn ,nu zit ik mij gewoon rot te vervelen met al die munten die ik niet kwijtraak ,aub doe daar eens iets aan P

Esta todo muy lindo pero por qué valen tanto billetes, que pena llevo años jugando sin poder comprar porque no me alcanza, gracias por su maravilloso juego en este momento de tristeza me distraigo mucho abrazos

Muy bonito pero demasiadas cosas con billetes verdes 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴 muy mal

ik vind het heel vervelend dat je de meeste artikelen alleen kan kopen met bankbiljetten. die zijn meestal heel duur

Je suis déçu car plus que deux semaines je ne peux jouer je ne sais pas pourquoi .......

Trop cher pour moi,pas assez de billets

I love all of the new decorations but most of them we have to pay for? WHY? It is not the best time for most of us to come up with cash. Is it possible to throw some dollars as prizes instead of coins? I love this game and all of the new and different surprises. There was a time months ago when I did receive $5 dollars quite a bit and it added up fast.

Beautiful but I won't be buying any. All the good ones cost way to much. In case you haven't heard, a lot of people are out of work.

I like the additions made to this theme set from last year, but I was disappointed to find that the boat builders were the only people you could get for coins and I won them last year in our Adventure Club. I'd like to get more people and houses for my second island but just a few of them would wipe out my stash of Wooga bucks. Have mercy!

I live in Bergen, Norway. Scandinavian spring means snow every day until 2 days ago. Good to know you think differently😁 Now it's Scandinavia everywhere around me, even in my game. Not sure if I like this or not, but at least I'll have a look at the decorations here. 😁 EDIT: WTF??? All except one are with money? You must be joking! Or you just took Scandinavia too serious and now are charging us for everything. Well, there might be people who like this idea. I do not.


I'm confused. When I watch the video I see musicians sitting in front of the house but they aren't in the set. Are they supposed to be an adventure club prize or is it the puffins?

This a real bummer. All the new items cost $$. Guess I won't be doing much this go around as I have no cash game or in real life.

WHY IS EVERYTHING SO MUCH CASH??? Especially during this time...

I have been playing this game for years now. Four or five days ago I tried to open the game so I could play but it won’t open. It starts to open and then it just closes. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to contact someone so that I can start playing again. Thanks.

Ma come si fa, quasi tutto a verdoni 🤬

Beautiful set. Agree - wish more were available without having to pay with cash

All the new ones are cash, no money to waste this time !!!

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Comment on Facebook

Just completed but I've never won before when I've completed raffles so I don't expect to win this time. I even used some saved up time I had to finish this. It would be nice but there's so many playing. It's still fun to have something different to play. 😉

We have to be in it to win it... so good luck everyone 🥰❣️

thank you pearls peril

Waste of time. Played so many times..never get anything. So good luck

Dear PP and dear players who started the game from the beginning for the second time !!! 💗💖 Please, answer, if I start the game again, so that I can explore new areas on the island of Athena, in addition to the above, I will lose the structures, resources and 17- acts of Iris.Thanks in advance😘🥰💋 Its a pity that the new good scenes are for $ 💝💞🌹🥀🌷

Son set nerdeyse hepsi paralı o kadar oynayıp emek veriyoruz neden en güzel ve gerekli şeyler parayla alınıyor aldığımız jetonların bi kıymeti yok demekki o kadar sahne oynuyorsam emek veriyorsam istediğimi almak stiyorum oyunun zevkini kaçırıyosunuz o kadar yeni şey ekliyosunuz ama herşey paraya bağlı haksızlık bu😔😔

in all the years I have played I dont win good stuff not in any game like this Have I ever finished but I try I can not stay on game all day like some last time I was 4o keys away an game ended so I hate them also need more bucks in game

Comme à chaque tombola beaucoup d appelés et peu d élus ! Dommage.

I could be the only one playing and I wouldn’t win anything

Faut pas rêver ..il serait bien d avoir le nom des gagnants ..encore une foutaise j étais dans les 600 premiers ...dès le premier jour ..j'ai encore perdu ..

Been playing for yrs,never won. Good luck guys

What does it take to win? I’ve never won. I know a lot of people play but dang.

Nothing again been playing almost a year now and never won what a surprise xxx

J'espère être parmi les chanceux! Merci pour le concours

I play a lot more than fifty some days. An extra entry wouldn't hurt.

It seems that the raffle is over in my game. I thought it was supposed to be 24 hours. By my clock that is about 12 hours short. What happened Wooga?

My ticket number is 2900 something, maybe that's real number of all participants in just 3 hours🙃

Anyone having trouble playing today? My Games kept crashing!😡

The link to the Game Rules does NOT work...curious

coucou Molly, j'ai mon ticket de tambola, j'attends le tirage au sort et j'espère comme tous, être gagnante cette fois ci, bonne journée Molly et bon week end

You've as much chance of winning the lottery.

Thanks for the extra energy visiting friends, got the 50 done easily!

I'm done,just waiting now. I've played this every time but have not won yet.

Have played for years and have never won the raffle.

This is dumb. Would be nice to be given a start time. I played 65 scenes this morning only to find out it started later.

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🐴Hey Adventurers, show us your Day at the Races and win great prizes! Share your screenshots featuring the newest decoration set available and well select three to win a special cargo drop delivery! 🎁
👇Share your Day at the Races screenshots in the comments!

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The magnificent Equestrian Estate of the acclaimed Sea Biscuit on Athena Island has a striking splendor of life and color. Heirs to the estate, Hazel, Annelie, and Grayce love, ride and care for their beloved horses and ponies. The mischievous baby goats are pondering jumping into the Rock Waterfall for fun but know by crossing the Flowery Bridge, they can nibble on the flowers as they try to catch up with Grace on her Little Pony. Caramel patiently waits for Annalie to finish grooming her horse so they can run and play catch in the open fields. There’s never a dull moment in this little slice of heaven.

Trying to make it cohesive with all the rest of my island. But I love this part of it 💕

My Favorite spot on my Island... Over Two years in the making. Living in Kentucky... I’ve grown more fond of the races... Although I have loved horses since before I could walk. My Uncle used to parade me around the Farming Community I grew up in on his favorite work horse. When I lived in Texas I had horses and one was a beautiful Arabian colt with fantastic Championship Racing Bloodlines. Have never stopped loving Horses and still enjoy the lifelong Relationship and love for them I’ve experienced my entire life. Woohoo... Thank you Wooga for these wonderful Decorations! 🌿🌼♥️🌼🌿 🌿🌼♥️🌼🌿 🌿🌼♥️🌼🌿

Here is mine even tho I didn't get to finish it because the decorations were taken down. ****Hazel and Mellie are playing in the arena while her daughter and pony watch her jump. Dolly and Annelie are in the grooming arena while the rest are chilling in their pasture eating grass. Seabiscuit is proudly displayed around his beautiful flowers. Dressage Dancer is cooling off after a nice morning workout.****

it's still a work in progress...love all me horsies and only need 2 more Bolt and Damsel...they cost cash and I will buy them when I can but not this round....good luck to all players

Fiona..Romeo..Boots...Pepper And Berlin Are Enjoying Their New Home On Athena Island..Away From The Stress Of Horse Racing...They Have Happily Accepted their New Mascot..Caramel And Enjoying A Treat From The Crab Apple Tree...

This year's race was a low budget affair due to the acquisition of an expensive new mare, La Reina. However, as Salavdor Dali had already been invited to attend as a VIP guest, the race still had to go ahead. It was held on the front lawn of the estate, and despite La Reina's diva demands for "a fence with flowers"; Gus missing the race entirely due to his demands for a pre-race wash down in case Mr Dali wished to paint him and Sir El Jeffrey's decision to be umpire rather than a contestant, the race went reasonably well. The Rocking Ponies put up a good show, flanking La Reina neck and neck, while the Seahorse Rocker pulled valiantly ahead. Nonetheless, in the best tradition, the tortoise won.....

Nice corner with cool stables and the best horses, race field along lush greeneries. Pretty house + garden and pond give more reasons to stay 😇

We live in 'horse country.' Our home town has an annual Triple Crown event and hosts horse training facilities for international racers. Love the horse theme.

I love the game but will not enter anymore contest not worth my time it seems to be the same ones winning-- at least to me anyways

Love all the beautiful horses you've created.

Definiteley work in progress but love nu black price horse

My little horse yard 🐎🐴

Some of decor has not yet been revealed !! I shall try to get a picture when they are done !!! Thank you for helping us stay busy !!

Here's mine. Not top notch to some but I'm proud of it.

A little Heaven on Shangri-La

Hope you all like it ! I do !!!

Reposting because I cut poor Angus out of my first comment 😅

I hope this works--first photo to any contest

My horses, and jumping practice.

Nope, bring back the Venice collection, and we'll talk. This is just island litter.

This was so much fun!!!

Voici mon manège avec les chevaux et d'autres animaux 🍒🍒🍒🍒

A SPECIAL drop??? oh, HAS to be COMPASSES, right. Only Special things we have. Just NEVER get enough COMPASSES!!!

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🍀⚡️Feeling lucky, Adventurers?! A new raffle starts tomorrow. To get your Raffle Ticket and have a chance to win big, make sure to play enough scenes when the raffle is on!

Tomorrow, May 20th
1 pm UTC

Good Luck Adventurers!

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I don't understand why so many think it is extra effort or a waste of time. If you play the game like you normally do, it all goes towards the raffle. The amount they ask us to reach is never real high, so easy to reach just by playing like you would anyway. Be grateful for even little things. They don't have to do anything extra for us.

It would be nice if everyone who qualified for the raffle got a small prize, like 3 energy or something. Then it wouldn't feel like a waste of time to enter and just get a message saying you didn't win.

Can I just say that these last two collections have relied heavily on cash? When a lot of us don’t have jobs, we have to buy cash to get a nice house out of the Scandinavian collection. There’s not much you can buy with coins. I’m not happy because I’m in no position to buy cash right now and am going to miss out on some cool items. Ok. Getting off my soap box

There are so many side games my hands get sore and it's not fun anymore.i love Persls Peril but its changed so much I'm losing interestim on my second round

Not sure about every one but I am happy to play along LOVE the game and I could use the cash on something

I don't think I'll be playing in the raffle game either! The prizes aren't worth it!

Y'all? It's not obligatory for Wooga to give extra gifts like this. Most of us are all playing anyway. Right now, they're giving us incredible perks just for visiting our friends islands... something they also recently did which gave me a ton of energy to play more. They don't have to do any of this. I haven't won once. I have no expectation of winning as there are over 3M players. Why not continue enjoying the game and be, at least content, with their efforts if you can't be grateful. I'm happy for the distractions and perks.

BFD. Nobody in my Adventure Club has ever won one of these raffles and we're not using up valuable energy on this one.

I have only been playing Pearl's Peril doe a few months now and this is my 1st raffle. I don't understand y everyone is so negative about this fraggle? I'm about to find out for myself. I agree with Lois Jones though. Just play the game as u normally would and see what happens. Somebody has to win so play along and give it a shot u could be the big winner in this raffle. What do u have to lose u r playing Pearl's Peril any way play along and find out.

Is Wooga ever going to give us a new story line for Pearl? If it wasn't for my adventure club I'd have quit a long time ago, I've gotten bored with the same old, same old and I'd like to see the story continued instead of having to replay the game over and over.

I love all the side games! Keeps me on my toes and I think it improves your memory when you get my age! Keep up the good work Wooga!!

Love all the side games wooga is giving us . Thank you for keeping the game challenging and exciting.

I think only people that spend money on the game have a chance to win this 🤔

I love these games, it's fun and exciting! Even if I or my club doesn't win!

Animosity makes no sense. A raffle is just a chance at something for nothing. I am playing anyway, so...why not!? Thanks!

I play just for fun. Not for the money or how much I spend to get something. I could really care less. It’s just a fun game overall.

Our club never wins and I not going to push myself to finish it!

Love this game and June's journey well done wooga

The side games were OK to start of, but now you are playing for such high scores it is almost 1impossible to complete and you lose interest. It used to be that about 3000 would complete the game, now it only gets you from 1-2

Why is it they never post the winners Do they really have them or are the winners the one's that started the game first and has alot of everything

I don’t think so. They never post the winners just post that I didn’t win.

LOL Does anyone ever actually win a prize?

Really, does anyone ever win??

i have mine in already, if u are working on an adventure then u just keep playing and u can get it done in no time

j’espère faire partie des chanceux déjà que j'ai eu 2 fois le phare avec les papillons ....

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Thanks for helping make this time at home bearable. 💕🤗

Need help getting a friend in our club‼️

Hi great game, except for lately. Completed all levels and then had to wait for new island. The long time players need more new places. Waited a long time💖

Hi! I gotta say u guys r awesome the artistic talent is like wow! How u hide things that often "frustrate" me (😁) should say u r doing a dang awesome job! Ok now got to work...

Thank You Dario for all your awesome work this is amazing

This is my first time and I'm having trouble expanding the screen. I can't see the whole upper right side because the live screen is covering it.

I played to the end and I can still play more but are you going to ever have new puzzles I did not want to start over

truly love the trees and anything outdoors from Newfoundland where we are outdoors people

Things have evolved nicely since I worked on the game! Excellent!

I hope lots of rocks are in this set . Love the natural

Thank you for all the wonderful information!! <3

Spring Texas. Need more people and not at a high price

i love the new Decoration Set ..its Beautiful...

Love the new decorations. I’ll be busy when the new set comes out

On the side of the patterned armchair at the bottom

I play on iPad WiFi and works very well, never get kicked out

Yes, our prize for completing our Adventure Club challenge

outside the window with the red curtains. next to the windchimes to the right

I would like to have a decoration set representing Thailand.

I enjoyed so so much and I love the heather

Inbetween the treble clef and the teddy bear

The dogs and foxes are not a good mix for a quiet part of the island!

By the phone on the chair on the right

to the center right looks like itmade from popcycle sticks

On the floor under the hanging object. The right side

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