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A Walk-through of Iris’s Eyes

How to Play Pearl’s Peril’s New Feature Pearl’s Peril has introduced an entirely new game style with its latest feature: Iris’s Eyes. You will need quick reflexes and a sharp eye to capture these prizes in this one-of-a-kind challenge. Let’s explore how to start playing Iris’s Eyes… whether this is your first time playing Pearl’s […]

The Meaning of Butterflies in Iris’s Eyes

Butterflies are everywhere when you play Iris’s Eyes. But what do they mean? Our artists were very deliberate in all their choices, and the Butterfly icon is no exception. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Even beyond its journey from caterpillar to beautiful winged insect, it dances with the wind to embrace change. Not […]

Feedback, please! What do you think of Iris’s Eyes so far?

Hey, Adventurers! Were you one of the lucky few that got to try out Iris’s Eyes early? What do you think? Do you enjoy finding objects using only the silhouettes? Is it exciting to work against the clock? What do you think of Iris’s story and the rewards for playing? Share your feedback with us […]

A Walk-through of Iris’s Eyes

How to Play Pearl’s Peril’s New Feature Pearl’s Peril has introduced an entirely new game style with its latest feature: Iris’s Eyes. You will need quick reflexes and a sharp eye to capture these prizes in this one-of-a-kind challenge. Let’s explore how to start playing Iris’s Eyes… whether this is your first time playing Pearl’s […]

The Meaning of Butterflies in Iris’s Eyes

Butterflies are everywhere when you play Iris’s Eyes. But what do they mean? Our artists were very deliberate in all their choices, and the Butterfly icon is no exception. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Even beyond its journey from caterpillar to beautiful winged insect, it dances with the wind to embrace change. Not […]

Feedback, please! What do you think of Iris’s Eyes so far?

Hey, Adventurers! Were you one of the lucky few that got to try out Iris’s Eyes early? What do you think? Do you enjoy finding objects using only the silhouettes? Is it exciting to work against the clock? What do you think of Iris’s story and the rewards for playing? Share your feedback with us […]


If you are new to Pearl, you are about to discover a world of thrills and fun. Pearl Wallace’s glamorous social life grinds to a halt with her father’s mysterious death. Luckily she has friends to help her along the way—like the intrepid and stylish journalist, Iris. Discover perilous secrets, true friends and deadly rivals. Download today to join our more than half a million daily players!

A New Adventure
on Artemis Island.

The spirits of the island are stirring, and a voice from the past is asking for help. Will you answer the call?

A new way to play!

See through the eyes of the island’s resident clairvoyant as you search for hidden objects in a brand new game mode, Iris’s Eyes. Match objects using only their silhouettes to guide you, but hurry! The connection to the spirit world is fleeting!



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A new *Cargo Drop* for you! Whats inside? Lets find out!

💻 On a web browser:

🍎 On an Apple device, click this link to open your web browser and launch the game:

🤖 Use this code in the Settings menu if the browser link does not work:

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I used the web browser one on my iPhone and it worked. Yay! 😊

Had to work to get this one. Using the Apple link I saw this photo. I used the other link and that was successful. Of course it was worth the extra work. Thank you!

Thank you! I appreciate and look forward to these. 😁

Thank you! This helps! I'm loving the Christmas decorations 😀

Thank you, I'll save mine for the new quests. ☺️

Thank you Apple link not working so used the web browser that’s ok tapping on that from an I Pad 👍

I am using the link for Apple Devices and getting a 404 Error - whoops notification when I try to collect the Cargo Drop.

I am getting an error since yesterday. Playing on an iPad and iPhone.

Thank you, appreciate these drops 🙂

Cargo Drop isn't working. Went to Settings and tried copy/paste "d141a0e9121eb", but there's no place to paste it. I'm not on an Apple device. Sure hope Pearl's Perils makes this up to us!! Changed my "Like" to "Sad".

Impossible de faire la demande pour le cadeau, tout à changer et le tout en anglais, y à t’il un autre moyen pour faire la demande😡

I had to use the web browser connection as the apple one didn’t work.

bonjour bon début de semaine - merci beaucoup-💃🕺

Thank you so much for the energy! Thank you for ALL you do for us! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁🎄🎁

Thankyou I just tapped the web browser and got it, the apple browser isn’t working

Thank you for the great full gift of energy.

Thank you for the energy. 💜

Took several tries but finally got gift! Thanks so much

Thank you Pearl and crew, always enjoy your Drops..

First time in a long time that it didn’t work. I tried everything.


Cargo Drop still having problems!! I can't collect :-(.

To everyone like me that kept getting 404 x Apple device try going to the browser (1st link).... I was able to download the 5 free energies

Thank you

Thanks....time to buy some decorations!

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I just have to say that our prize this week is amazing. So cool love that house...I need to make more room❣️I can’t wait for the Adventure to be over...lol

Seasons Greetings to you and yours. May this time of the year be the best time for you all. Having enough game friends can go along way to make playing Pearl the best it can be. Friends will send you gifts all year round, will offer help and hints to progress faster thru the game. Join a Players group today to start the New Year off right. www.facebook.com/groups/PearlsPerilGameGroup1/?ref=group_header

I have to have this, it’s beautiful. Thank you!🎄

I am glad to get the extra money from the Chapters of the Holiday story to maybe help afford the Christmas items. Some them are vey pricey. Others are repeats from other years.

Thank God I could buy it since I finished the second chapter of "Christmas Discovery"

Oh this new house it absolutely beautiful! I had to have it... I still have a check mark above it ... I wait for our Adventure and possible 3 point prestiges task😁. Can’t wait to have it open ❣️

I love this house. ❤️

Thank you bought it when u had the winter sale

Vorrei sapere dove posizionare tutta queste belle decorazioni se non ci sono espansioni io non mi voglio privare di tutto quello che ho realizzato grazie 🤔🤔

Vorrei sapere cortesemente perchè non riesco più ad avere gli aiuti dagli amici ed io stessa non riesco ad aiutarli,vi pregherei di mettere a posto il gioco.Grazie.

Los artículos navideños a la venta son muy bonitos, pero todos ellos tienen nieve. Y no en todas partes del mundo nieva en Navidad. De hecho yo no estoy comprando decoración navideña por ese motivo. No podrían hacer esas decoraciones en dos versiones? Con nieve y sin nieve?

It’s nice. Too bad it costs dollars instead of coins


Lindoooo! 😀

It's nice❤🌟


Por favor hay personas que no podemos comprar con billetes o qué las mejores para los que tienen billetes triste

Merci beaucoup

Siiii l ho comprata yeaaaa

Sono senza soldi!!!!!

Plus de place

Y los materiales para que sirven?


One of my fav decorations of this set, it reminds me of the houses in my own country (Amsterdam) ❤

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Its your last chance to play this BRAND NEW Hidden Object Level!

Play Holiday Discovery now! ==><noscript><img src=

Comment on Facebook

Super fun ! Even the second scene did not disappoint... love it! In great anticipation for the next installment I say thank you❣️❣️❣️🥰

Seasons Greetings to you and yours. May this time of the year be the best time for you all. Having enough game friends can go along way to make playing Pearl the best it can be. Friends will send you gifts all year round, will offer help and hints to progress faster thru the game. Join a Players group today to start the New Year off right. www.facebook.com/groups/PearlsPerilGameGroup1/?ref=group_header

Thank you for the creative side game. Beautiful graphics. Keeps me playing Pearl when finished with AC rewards. Always helpful when preparing my game for next week's AC with mastering scenes quickly. I also play Pearl for butterflies, collection items, coins, and some cash!!! Thanks again Wooga for this fantastic game.

Thank you! 😊 It was fun to play 🤗

Thank you I love playing these with keys, can we have lots more please? Amazing rewards too

Thanks so much for the money and beautiful scene. I'm enjoying the holiday surprise. Other games don't even come close to Wooga with winning coins, energy, tickets, butterflies and money. Thank you all so much!

This really helps get through the weekend until the next PP game starts and you just can't beat the great prizes along the way. Thanks for keeping it fun.

Great fun. Just wish we could store the extra keys

I really appreciate the time and energy y’all put in this game. I love it dearly. The side game is icing on the cake. I’m happy 😊

I personally did not have as much time to play on this particular challenge (due to life) but that having been said I am super grateful for the cash I did manage to collect and I can't wait for you to do more challenges like this one <3

finished it & I enjoyed it as much as the 1st part-new-exciting-fun & great gifts 🙂

Thank you... Wish it lasted more hours in the daytime can't play when I'm sleeping 😎

I love playing this game and being able to earn much needed game cash while having fun! Thank you Wooga!

I really enjoy the side games, especially the great rewards. Thanks Wooga!

Woo-Hoo!! Thanks so much $$$$Love these side games! Keep them coming😍🎄

I like that it was so much easier and quicker to win than Iris' Eyes, and cash is always good! 🙂

Thanks so much Pearls peril!

Thanks for all the rewards! The new key part of the game is awesome!

Thank you so much for this side game i just love it

Objetivo logrado. Gracias. Me divertí mucho. 🤗😊

Thank you so much winter fun and delighted with the gifts.

I want to thank you for always being so generous....You guys are great,,,,keep up the good work.....

I have actually finished it and got the final reward!

Finished in one day had so many keys thanks wooga.

Thank you! Beautiful design of setting. Love the gifts. 💕

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Comment on Facebook

love seeing all the new decos but that is all I can do for now because the ones I want cost cash...spent all me cash to get V&P and on me way to collecting enough to buy skating pond....fingers crossed...Merry Christmas Wooga and all the team

Currently got that one from previously. I’m having to double check my inventory and stored rewards as I accidentally doubled up on the blazing bonfire. Didn’t think to check old inventory. Would love it if we had been able to have another island to travel to like in JJ. I could do my Christmas theme then. Well mustn’t complain we have what we have and appreciated it so much when you enlarged the island previously 💝💝

I enjoy seeing a new decoration each day. Like an Advent calendar only we can see beforehand what’s coming so we can plan which we’d like to get.😃 I just love Christmas! 🌲🎅

Yes I certainly do, as I have said many times before, love the game

I don't care if they're added one day at a time or all at once when they're way too pricey & there's no option for a tropical holiday.

I love them I have gotten several of the holidays decorations

yes i am thankyou great game x

Beautiful😍 Awesome job design team!

Acquis pour moi ! Un grand merci !!!🎄🎄🎄😊😊😊

Another one I just love.🎄


Merry Christmas.

Très jolie. J'adore je la veux

Merci beaucoup pour moi

Pésimo el funcionamiento de la página, imposible jugar. Todo lo que me recomendaron lo hice, no funciona.

Yes I enjoy them thank you PP

No. I'd rather have new, cool regular stuff that won't look out of place in July. Not buying any of it...

Yessss <3

No I like getting more than one a day come on

non je n'aime pas!!!!sa me fait perdre mon TEMPS!!

Con todas las decoraciones navideñas que habéis sacado ya, y las que tenía...y todavía no me he puesto a decorar bien de Navidad la isla 😳😳😳😳😳😳 ¡¡¡Espero poder hacerlo el lunes, y con una ayuda muy especial!!! Mi prima Vero 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Bello!!! 🎄🎄

J'adore 😉

Estão lindas

🎄😘 🍾 <3

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❄️ The Holiday Discovery has begun! Dont miss this BRAND NEW HIDDEN OBJECT SCENE, Adventurers!

Play now to find Keys 🗝 and access the new event! ==><noscript><img src=

Comment on Facebook

Loved playing it and getting all the cash! Thank you!! You Do realize that there are 2 necklaces???? One in each store front window.

So beautiful designed! Especially the necklace... I love love love it! Enjoyed playing. Wish to include this one and previous one and maybe next one (gold keys?) in main scenes like “Peals Holiday” or something, plus some other holidays like New Year Day, etc., a total of 100 chapters? ... Thank you Wooga Team!

My team finished before I could get keys🙁☹️ it started to LATE in the challenge....can they start at the same time ....TONIGHT?

I am SOOOOOOO frustrated right now. I wish these things ran a little longer the next day. I was unable to play for most of the time due to work Friday and a long running family event yesterday that kept me away from the game for most of yesterday. I played late into the night yesterday evening and then again very early this morning. I was ALMOST there, but time ran out on me after my game froze and i had to restart. ALL after I had to burn 50 of the 65 dollars I'd collected from the game trying to get enough energy to finish. And this time there were about 20 times the game gave me coins and no keys. UGH. So now I only have 15 dollars left and I have been trying to save for the Nativity. This is the second year I've tried to get it and I am quite frustrated.

Chapter 2 is beautiful. Thank you for the story-line, the artwork and your generosity allowing us to win the cash prizes. 😘

Thank you so much for this fun addition to our game and the prizes of much needed cash! I also agree with Emma Anderson’s suggestion of more chapters for other holidays throughout the year. You have made the Christmas season special for us and I appreciate all you do for us. Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁

loved it but a suggestion that when we finish we could start over till date is up I have over 300 keys accumulating which are useless now!Thank you!

Heads up! In this scene the necklace is in 2 different spots! One in the shop behind the dog. And the other under where the shop sign is!

Thank you from someone who has played and replayed this game. The new edition is a breath of fresh air.

Loved,it! Thanks bunches Wooga for a fantastic game!!!! 💕💕💕

Finished it last night thank you for your Christmas generosity again with this chapter Wooga 💝💝💝

hello pearl, I already played and got my tickets, but something strange happened in my game look at the

I finished the game and am still accumulating keys which are useless. Why continue giving keys to players who have finished the game?

I love this part of the game that you have added! Thanks!!!!!!

Thank you for the awesome gifts from playing this scene can't wait for next week <3

I love these side games thanks for changing the game a bit!

pour Noel,le plus beau cadeau que vous pourriez faire à tous,ce serat un agrandissement de l'ile,bonne soirée merci!

Love playing the game, but why do we keep getting Keys even after we have completed the chapter of the story? The Butterflies for the current Act are not available in the same quantity or consistency when the snow keys are offered. I have ended up with over 50 keys after completing the story chapter, but I am not receiving the Butterflies I need??

Done and dusted! Thank you Wooga for the lovely mula!

Thank you for the awesome game. Absolutely love it. Love getting the cash!

Moin Moin ...... habe alle Kisten geöffnet herzliches danke schön und einen schönen dritten Advent . 🤩😉🤩😎🤩

Thank you! I love these because I always need cash.

Our team generally has completed our tasks for the week by the friday. A monday would be a better say to start a new game as we will be able to play then.

Beautiful scene, finished today. Waiting to see who or what has made the mess? Maybe the cat?? or the Dragon?? I have been playing 2014, all these new side lines keeps me interested and busy!! Thank you!! ☃️🎄☃️💖

Il gioco l'ho finito ieri pomeriggio e ho ricevuto 50 contanti in tutto e vi ringrazio ❤️ L'unica cosa che non capisco è come mai continuate a mandarmi le chiavi 🔑 quando invece ho bisogno di farfalle 🦋 per terminare gli occhi 👀 di Iris, sono al capitolo 6/8

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❄️ Chapter 2 of Holiday Discovery is available now!

In Festive Surprise, the cousins have found themselves enveloped in mystery as they chase down the source of the destruction caused to the idyllic Swiss town. 🔍

Play the game now to earn Keys 🗝 and unlock this exciting story and never-before-seen Hidden Object Scene! Hurry, this event will only be available for three days! Look for the next chapter to be released next week. You will need all new Keys for the next installment, so use the ones you find now before they disappear. Plus, even after you have won the final prize, you can still play the scene and continue the fun! 🥳

Ready... set... discover! Happy Pearling, Adventurers! 📣


Comment on Facebook

I had a blast playing this. Again compliments to the artists what a beautiful scene. Thank you for the cash ..I now will for sure get that one decoration I was eyeing “Finding a Fir”... Thank you❣️🥰❤️

Thank you so much! I really love this game and another cash will add😍😍😍

Thank you fab to have new scenes to play 💝💝

What a lovely game, thank you and lovely cash prizes too. Thank you soooooooooo much. Much appreciated:)

Thanks for the new game and prizes! Love them!

Finished ! Thank you so much.. ^_^ :-*

Thank you so much for all you do 8th time around! Had a great time! 🤗💕

Thank you. Love the game.

Thank you. Another beautiful scene.

Thank you for the game and prizes.

Merci pour ce 2ème beau cadeau, si agréable, en plus ♡

thank you wooga, the 50 cash will come in handy

It's a shame that the keys didn't carry over from the last scene. Would have been nice to get a good start on the next one.

Super un très grand merci

You say 3 days and I have only 48 hours....the first time too, only 48 hours ☹️

Muy linda sorpresa gracias por estas nuevas escenas llenas de oportunidades para los jugadores!!!

Esta fantástica la escena siento que estoy en una de las calles de las hermosas islas que han publicado.

acabo de terminarlo , pero como en el anterior tampoco me a salido la tarjeta que pone gracias por jugar y no lo entiendo , muchas gracias por los billetes

Y donde estan las llaves que nos dijisteis que guardaramos?????

Great job on this .I really liked it and appreciate the cash😁🎄

Thanks Wooga Team for this wonderful game! I so love the prizes and the drawings are so beautiful! This game, Iris, all of it is so much FUN and attainable. I can't wait to see what comes next!

Thank you Wooga for all the wonderful Christmas surprises and cash

I love that you have added new scenes to play. So good, and the prizes are great! Thank-you!

I love the Christmas addition to Pearls Peril. Thank y’all and Merry Christmas from Texas.

I like the scene ! Great fun , great prizes !!! Thank you 😀 !!!!

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Comment on Facebook

I have been waiting for her and she looks just beautiful on my island! Outstanding artwork and decorations! I love, love ❤️ them! Thanks ❤️❄️⛸

Too many for cash. I'm disabled. I appreciate the cash from the Christmas mini game. But I don't buy the decorations.

Lovely and what I was waiting for! Please add more storage because I can’t buy other stuff because I have no room. Thanks!

I love mine, got it last year.

I have her! I love this one!

I did the same. I have a lot of Christmas decor

Yet another item I’ve bought even though it’s not going on my island this year. I will have a wonderful collection next when I put it all together with previous years Christmas collections 💝💝💝

I hope I can afford this...😉

I have so many coins, I wish I could use them to buy this with them. I'd get at least 3!

Beautiful, but I can't get it .... snif, snif 😭😭😭

You want too much for nice decor. It's all with your cash..not gonna buy$$$$.

Thank you.

Beautiful❤Got it❣

Très bien merci beaucoup pour tout !j aime jouer !

toujours des billets les pieces servent rarement les plus belles decos sont trop gourmandes en billets

Muy bello♥️

Is anyone having problems loading game?crashes



Todavía no he patinado sobre hielo...a la lista de propósitos de Año Nuevo 😍😍😍😍😍

Too expensive

Heel mooi maar heb niet genoeg biljetten om te kopen 😢

Me too

Ik heb geen plaats meer op mijn eiland sorry

Sono senza soldi....sigh

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❄️ Pearl and Vincents adventures in Zurich will continue TOMORROW!

Play then for a BRAND NEW HIDDEN OBJECT SCENE and the chance to win prizes! 🤩

Did you like Chapter 1 of Holiday Discovery? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

Comment on Facebook

I love the new games within the game. I only wish you gave us one more day to play, so I don't feel so pressured to play almost continually. I don't play with a team, and don't want to join one, not that there's anything wrong with them. I just prefer to play solo. I think there is less "energy" available when you are alone, so a little extra time would be nice. While I'm here, I would just like to take the time to wish the Wooga Peeps, "Happy Holidays, and thank you all for all the fun you have provided over the years!".❤️🎄🍾🍻🥂

Love this extra game, thank you Wooga. Looking forward to tomorrow. Though I will be starting later probably, due to the time difference here in the UK 🙂

Yeah looking forward to it. Hope Wooga’s generosity is the same as the last one 💖💖

Loved the first one, can’t wait to see how the story develops in the second one! The cash was fabulous too!😍🥰

Loved Chapter one and excited for the next one! Thank you for all the hard work you put into your awesome graphics!

So fun to have a new scene to play with great cash rewards! Much needed motivation.

Love these events, they’re such a fun addition to the game. Thanks for all the new additions and improvements you make, you guys rock! 😃 ❤️

The first scene was beautiful, but I wish the end prize was a little better. I finished it way too fast while others were struggling to even get part way through. It would be nice if you could find a happy medium for all players.

I LOVED it - thank you for all your hard work developing these new games - appreciate all you do & the prizes were wonderful - fantastic graphics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved the whole thing, must be right as haven't seen a single complaint. Keep them coming. xx Than you. xx

I appreciate the extra games and gifts. Thank you.

I loved it a lot, it was fun and so amazing to play! Thank you, can't wait till tomorrow!

Thank You it was fun and loved the prizes-- looking forward to tomorrow-

Enjoyed it tremendously.looking forward to new scenes.Thank you

Yes I loved playing it! Thank you so much for making these little side games, it certainly adds to the fun. 😀

The chapter 1 was beautifully designed! Very good job! I enjoyed it very much! Look forward to chapter 2 tomorrow. Cheers!

I loved the first scene and am very much looking forward to scene 2. 🥰

Excited for tomorrow! Loved the new scene too 💜💜💜

loved it! Thank you so much! Can't wait to see what the next chapter holds!

I loved it! I always play between quests to prep, and it was great to get some rewards for it! Appreciate the extra cash!!

Loved the game. Can’t wait until tomorrow. Thank you.

Loved the scene, kudos to the design team, can’t wait for the next installment 😊

Liked first scene very much. Waiting for the new one tomorrow 😍

Loved Chapter 1 and can't wait for Chapter 2. Thank you

Love the extra games, keep up the good work PP x

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Comment on Facebook

Got mine last year ..love it !

Thank you ..got it love it.

I got this last year and I love it! I noticed so many of the items I got last year are for cash this year, how sad.

I can’t get on to play. Not happy.

I got this and absolutely love it - especially the animation! Thank you so much for letting us get it with coins!!!😘

Muuy lindo!!😍

Thank you. Will look awesome on my island.

I have this one! I love it!🎄

This is beautiful love the animation it has I have 2

Beautiful, love it

Yessssss, I love it <3

Grazie lo preso🎄👍


Love it Can't afford it😢

Ooh!! I love this scene. Now I must earn 20,000 coins!

More storage please@!

Приобрела 🤓

Już mam 😘😁😘

Als ik nog meer opruimkisten zou hebben kon ik hem kopen maar helaas voor de 6de x het spel spelend en veel te weinig grond gaat hem dit niet worden 😕

Mon jeu ne se charge plus sur ma tablette 😭

Por favor amplíen la Isla no tengo espacio para colocar nuevos objetos Gracias 🌹😍

Tres Joli

Amig@s de Pearl's Peril, estáis poniendo tantas decoraciones navideñas tan bonitas, que no puedo elegir una sola...¡¡tengo muchas favoritas!! 👏👏👏😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🎀🎊🎉🎄☃️🎈🎁💝💞💓💗

The🔥 moves just so yall kmow♥

Belleza 😍

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⚓ Hop aboard Petes boat and get the FREE TICKETS he has for you! Click Like if you will play the Captains Challenge today!

💻 On a web browser:

🍎 On an Apple device, please do not use the Facebook app but open this link in a web browser to launch the game:

🤖 On an Android device, enter this code in the settings menu:

Comment on Facebook

Thank you these are very welcome. We seem to be having a lot of CC in the quest lately 💖

Always needed, akin to cash:) Thank you very much and God Bless!

Thank you, Captain Pete!!

I can't play any, i couldn't. I'm so sad because of this situation. 😢😢😢

Thank you 🙂

Many, many thanks for the gifts. Had a horrible scare when I couldn’t reset the game yesterday after finishing the game. Sooooo glad to be able to play again😁

Thank You so much for the tickets. I will be playing shortly!!!

Thank you, always need tickets. My appreciation to Wooga. Thanks

Thank you!Lots of competition!love this game

Thank you! 🌹 Downloaded them yesterday from Francine Humphrey!


Vielen Dank für die Tickets, können Alle gut gebrauchen. Wir sind noch eine kleine Gruppe und spielen gerne. Gerne nehmen wir noch Mitglieder auf, die auch spielen und Freude an dem Spiel haben. Nette Nachbarn findet man auch bei uns und Ihr seit Herzlich Willkommen Schaut einfach mal bei uns vorbei 🙂 Wir freuen uns auf neue Mitspieler www.facebook.com/groups/481166042078837/

Thank you, I always need tickets. 😊

Thank you!! Tickets were so needed!!

Great! TY. I need all I can get. I swear, we are getting too many CCs during the Quests.


Thank you all so much for all the gifts and new side games !! Merry Christmas !!!!

Thanks for the tickets!

Thanks for the tickets.😊😊😊

Absolutely love the captain, Thanks so much 😍

Thank you for the tickets

Thank you so much Pearl! ❤

many thanks for the tickets ..

Thank you again for the great gifts!!!

Thank you....I can always use these tickets

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Comment on Facebook

HELP....Wooga Team;we are so sorry..Game is not opening..Please help us..Our Clup name..Sunshine(My passport name..Sakay)😔😞☹️😣😒

I love this sleigh & am working to add coinage so l can buy it. I may break down & but the reindeer cuz I just adore them!!! I've been a pretty good girl this year, maybe not on the Nice List but definitely NOT on the Naughty List. 😉

Congratulations the the design team they have again wowed us with their beautiful additions for the holiday set. Now to answer your question: my Grandy will tell you I'm perfect (with her warm smile and twinkle in her eyes and guide me back towards the correct path.) My parents will say I am on my journey and need improvements. My friends well they are special and we are all learning together.

Not sure if you aware but pearls adding of bonus points for the personal game (the sweet winter delights ) is starting to make me made - i get 3 -15 points which we all know is 45 pts and it gives me 15 pts - same with the 10 pts and the 20 pts. I am about ready to loss my mind !!!!! The addition on he game does not add up with the total points earned - could you please do something about this ?

I’ve been nice allll year 🤔😇😇😇 🤥

I wasn’t doing to purchase any Christmas items. All my previous Christmas items are in storage. I couldn’t resist this collection so I have spent far to much cash as usual beside coins which I have far to many of 💖💖

Thank you so much. I was hoping this be sold for coins and not cash. And it is sold with coins!! I love the sleigh. I already have Santa.

I love playing this game but I can’t open it for the last two days. I have tried everything you suggested but still get the same error message.

Both a little naughty and a lot of nice.

Love it but I’m strapped for room. Please add more storage! Thanks!

Both! Mostly nice with a little naughty throw in. To keep things spicy!

How boring would I be if i I was nice 24 hours a day for 365 days of a year. At times a little bit of naughty brings laughter and smiles. So this cant can’t be so bad after all. So if i I was to say nice it would then make me bad for not being truthful lol

I myself would love to see a Menorah for those of us who celebrate Hanukkah

Pearl ho notato che sia a me che ad alcuni membri del mio gruppo manca questo pezzetto di isola sai dirmi come mai ? Grazie

Help please,Wooga team🙏🙏🙏 Error,why?

I would like to think I have been good, I hope so anyway

Coucou père Noël oui je suis bien sage et j aimerais avancé dans le jeu mais suis bloquée


Очень красивая коллекция украшений! 👍👍👍

Thank already had it

Very nice

I'm not sure how much Santa knows, so I'm not saying!!!

Ben de yanlışlıkla silindi ne olur tekrar nasil eski bölümünde oyna bilrimm

I always behave well, I think so ...

Game is not opening. software ios 13.1.3 ipad pro

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Celebrate the season with this charming Facebook profile frame! Click the button below to add it to your profile picture!

Comment on Facebook

Thank you, very cute!!

Thank you

Thank you very nice!



Love the picture !!!!!!!

Love it!

Thank you PP

So cute!

Dziękuję ❤️❤️❤️

Loren Robertson - frame now available!

It's nice, but no button to use for FB profile pic frame.

I like it. Pic of my parents & uncle 💗💗💗

Merci <3

Tres beau.

Estou sem tarefas perls peril no clube da aventura esta muito demorado este tempo para retorno de tarefas .


Can't get it to come up!


wow super beau


heeeeeeeeeel mooi

Que lindo😍

Воспользуюсь с удовольствием 👍🏼🤓


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