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A Walk-through of Iris’s Eyes

How to Play Pearl’s Peril’s New Feature Pearl’s Peril has introduced an entirely new game style with its latest feature: Iris’s Eyes. You will need quick reflexes and a sharp eye to capture these prizes in this one-of-a-kind challenge. Let’s explore how to start playing Iris’s Eyes… whether this is your first time playing Pearl’s […]

The Meaning of Butterflies in Iris’s Eyes

Butterflies are everywhere when you play Iris’s Eyes. But what do they mean? Our artists were very deliberate in all their choices, and the Butterfly icon is no exception. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Even beyond its journey from caterpillar to beautiful winged insect, it dances with the wind to embrace change. Not […]

Feedback, please! What do you think of Iris’s Eyes so far?

Hey, Adventurers! Were you one of the lucky few that got to try out Iris’s Eyes early? What do you think? Do you enjoy finding objects using only the silhouettes? Is it exciting to work against the clock? What do you think of Iris’s story and the rewards for playing? Share your feedback with us […]

A Walk-through of Iris’s Eyes

How to Play Pearl’s Peril’s New Feature Pearl’s Peril has introduced an entirely new game style with its latest feature: Iris’s Eyes. You will need quick reflexes and a sharp eye to capture these prizes in this one-of-a-kind challenge. Let’s explore how to start playing Iris’s Eyes… whether this is your first time playing Pearl’s […]

The Meaning of Butterflies in Iris’s Eyes

Butterflies are everywhere when you play Iris’s Eyes. But what do they mean? Our artists were very deliberate in all their choices, and the Butterfly icon is no exception. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Even beyond its journey from caterpillar to beautiful winged insect, it dances with the wind to embrace change. Not […]

Feedback, please! What do you think of Iris’s Eyes so far?

Hey, Adventurers! Were you one of the lucky few that got to try out Iris’s Eyes early? What do you think? Do you enjoy finding objects using only the silhouettes? Is it exciting to work against the clock? What do you think of Iris’s story and the rewards for playing? Share your feedback with us […]


If you are new to Pearl, you are about to discover a world of thrills and fun. Pearl Wallace’s glamorous social life grinds to a halt with her father’s mysterious death. Luckily she has friends to help her along the way—like the intrepid and stylish journalist, Iris. Discover perilous secrets, true friends and deadly rivals. Download today to join our more than half a million daily players!

A New Adventure
on Artemis Island.

The spirits of the island are stirring, and a voice from the past is asking for help. Will you answer the call?

A new way to play!

See through the eyes of the island’s resident clairvoyant as you search for hidden objects in a brand new game mode, Iris’s Eyes. Match objects using only their silhouettes to guide you, but hurry! The connection to the spirit world is fleeting!



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Hey Adventurers! Pearl has lost her scarf again! Can you find it in the image below? Let us know in the comments where it can be found and we will reward one player with 5 Cash! 💵💵💵💵💵

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On the moose. I was gonna say lady statue but everyone is saying that so I'll be different and that's to obvious.

Pearl's scarf is around the neck of the small statue below the picture of the horse and behind the flask

A third of the way down on the right side around the statues neck. I hope I'm right, I really need some help with being able to play.

Around the female statue behind the globe. My mother would have taken that scarf away from me if I kept losing it

A brown scarf wrapped around the ne k of a statue...located at the farther right upper side of this picture ou illustrations..

Around the neck of the statue, under the horse painting and above the flask, on the right side. Don't want you to catch cold! HAPPY ADVENTURES, PEAEL!

On statue towards top right of picture.

Wrapped around neck of statue to right of globe.

Good spotting the scarf on the moose ! The left mantel Looks like a curtain drawer string I think 🤔

Under the horse painting, right of the green plant, just above the silver flask and around the neck of the greek godess.

I remember playing this scene. It is not on the moose as that is the medal. The scarf is around the neck of the statue which is behind the flask and globe.

It’s wrapped around the statue of the woman. I love this game! So much fun!

Pearl's scarf is wrapped around the woman standing next to the plant and globe. 🧣

Dear Pearl, check the statue! That lady has your scarf. Make her give it back to you. Then move the present and enjoy eating waffles. Sorry you spilled your wine, but there’s a flask near the globe. Maybe a nip after you finish waffles? Glad you have your scarf now and your neck is again toasty warm.

The scarf is on the lady statue on the right side of the photo.

A statue under the horse portrait has it around it's neck.

Burgundy scarf is round the stone statue.x

Around the statue’s neck. Statues is to the right of the globe, on the right side of the image.

Next to globe/under horse picture - statue with scarf around neck.

On the statue to the right of the fireplace in the photo

The statue is wearing Pearl’s scarf. ... must have felt a chill.

Pearl's scarf is on the statue that is standing behind the globe and flowers.

Statue in the right side of scene, around necof of outstretched arms.

It's a cover up! Who knew the statue would have to go into hiding so quickly as Pearl's double??👀

It's on the neck of the statue in the the far right hand corner next to the leafy plant and under the horse picture.

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Even better news! You can keep all the butterflies after the weekend is up! Happy butterfly catching!

Cool! More incentive to play! ^_^ Thank you, Pearl's Peril.

Thank you so much, I am waiting for the next chapter of Iris's Eyes. It is awesome to be able to have the extra butterflies for when it is released!

thanks but already completed IE

I got 2 butterflies with 16 energy - thank you SO MUCH for making my chances of getting them better! ROFLMAO

So maybe some people are getting twice as many, but there are others like me who have played ALOT and only received a couple. I’ve gotten 3 all day, that’s not twice as many it’s actually a lot less than what I used to get

I've finished the current Iris's Eyes act but have noticed that I have butterflies dropping in readiness for the next one. Will I have 20 when the next act arrives or will those extra ones just disappear?

nice event 🙂 thanks

Pearl's Peril Before this butterfly thing started I got a butterfly every 1 out of 3 scenes. I just played 30 scenes and only got 2????? So far it really isn't working for me. I prefer it the way it was.

Love it. Thank You.

Awesome, now I can finally catch up

Thank you from the bottom of my ❤

As for me, I have the butterflies twice less then befor. Why?

thank you, cant wait

Just another way that Pearl's Peril is taking care of their players. Thanks so much!

I've noticed. It's great!

💕🦋💕 Thank you!

Thank you 🙂

C'est bien gentil de nous mettre de jolies plantations, mais ce serait mieux de nous mettre une autre ile pour les planter. Car pour l'instant on ne peu pas en faire grand chose.

Where has the lighthouse gone!

I played 50 energy and received 3 butterflies. So much for double weekend


Thanks so much! I am working on IE9 chapter 13 scene 4 and sure need those butterflies. I love how my island is looking with all the great add ons now. <3

I love Iris Eyes and I play every scene every month, but you are aware, I mean Wooga, that you proclaimed that until the 20th we receive more butterflies than usually we do, playing scenes of PP? So why it is not happening with a lot of players ?! I'm sad...


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⚓ Hop aboard Petes boat and get the FREE TICKETS he has for you! Click Like if you will play the Captains Challenge today!

💻 On a web browser:

🍎 On an Apple device, click this link to open your web browser and launch the game:

🤖 Use this code in the Settings menu if the browser link does not work:

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I LoveLoveLove playing the challenge when I have enough tickets. I think it helps up my game in the regular chapters. That's why I try to do the free plays even when I don't have enough tix. The rewards are lifesavers, too! Thanks for the free tickets. 'Preciate it! 💖

Thank you Captain! I Love getting tickets and all gifts 👍

Thank you for tickets. Need these for my challenges.

Thank you for the tickets!🥰

Well thank you again Pearl's Peril for being so consistent with our weekly ration of 5 CC tickets helping us out with our weekly quest. Great to see Captain(Red Beard) Pete holding & handing out those tickets for us.

Thank you so much for the tickets!! I was really needing them!

Thank you for the tickets 😊

Thank you for the tickets, Captain Pete. Never seem to have enough tickets.

Thank you for the tickets 😊

Thanks for the tickets!

Thank you for the tickets😊

Thank you for the tickets!!

Thanks for the tickets.

Thank you for the tickets 🎫

thank you for the tickets

Thank you for the tickets!

Thank you for the ticket's

Thank you so much Pearl's Peril! 💜

Joining a players group will get you more gifts of energy, coins, and tickets from all the new game friends you can add. A group is NOT an Adventure’s Club, where up to 15 mates work together for a special reward. A group is players joined together to help each other play Pearl. We would love to have you join us. www.facebook.com/groups/PearlsPerilGameGroup1/?ref=group_header

Thanks for the tickets.

Thank you for the tickets

Since you had you last little change I can't go to full screen before I start playing a scene. This kinda sucks when you're doing a Captains Challenge. You've got to start the scene then go to full screen, which can waist 5seconds depending on how long it take to expand. And all seconds are crucial on captains challenges, it doesn't matter so much on regular scenes.

Thank you for the tickets

Thanks for the tickets

Pearls is fun and better than June's all the different games inside the game

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A garden to dream in

<3 Totally loving this set! <3 Thank you! <3

Thank you! Lots of requests for a collection like this...you made their Day 😃💫

I love these decorations !! Now we can fancy up our island with crazy , wild , and beautiful forest and wildlife decor !!!! Thanks for the energy ; you folks and your talents and gifts are greatly appreciated !!!!!

I love water, nature & colors of Spring & Summer ❤🌈🏖🌞🌼🌛☀🌠🌠🌠🌠

Lots of lovely items! 💚

I love this!! Thank you so much!

Beautiful set PP thank you

Ein Paradies für Bienen..🐝 🐞.🦋


I'm very disappointed in this set of decorations. It's mostly stuff that I have or don't want/need. I can't buy anything.

Cela va être joli moi qui aime la nature' les arbres. Bravo pour cette belle idée.


Such prettiness. 🙂 <3 I love the pops of red PP added not long ago....I'm going to pick up a lot of them. Actually thinking of selling off most of my island and make it one huge magical forest.

merci c'est très joli bon jeudi

PP, i want to ask you where is our lighthouse from IE? This is not right because, we worked hard for it!😥😥😥😥😥I hope you answer me!

So pretty just nowhere to put them

I just love all the flowers & trees and water you are offering to us! It’s the items I have the most of on my island.. why? Because I love them ❤️ Thank you so much for having this as a option to gather back some of them that I sold ! You never fall short of good ideas! 😘

why u putting the japanese flowers here as well, thought it was for japanese themes

Thank you so much for this opportunity.........I love the opportunity to purchase some of the beautiful flora.

Wow it sure looks beautiful... I have most of the flowers and will have to deceit what I would add.

I love this set! It is absolutely beautiful and greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for the perfect cure for winter blahs.

I love the nature items!! Thank you for bringing them back!! Please leave them up for awhile so we have a chance to get everything

I love this set, flowers, vegetation, water I feel very close to spring, beautiful decoration I will have.

I love this idea, great to have a nature assortment available, it will make fun improvements to my decor!

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🧁🥧🍨🍮🍬 Ready for a sugar rush? Our Sweet Delight Event has begun! Find these items in your game to win some delicious rewards. Isnt that just sweet as pie, Adventurers?!


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Oh, that Banana Split looks so Awesome at 6:00 a.m. 😋

Awesome !!! Eating my sweet delights for energized play !!!!!

Thank you 😀

FROM DARIO🥰: Hello, sorry a visual glitch is not showing it correctly. Here are the rewards: 1st chest: Energy 2nd chest: Coins 3rd chest: Energy 4th chest: Coins + Cash 5th chest: Cash The values will vary according to the challenge, but the individual items are the same across the board.😀

Thank you!

Thank you

Thank you

Pearl's Peril you need to make it so people cannot be kicked off a group when they have worked hard for the trophy just because the team captain can do it. I was kicked out of the team after i asked if the captain hurt her hand as she always has an excuse not to playing, so while it is a good idea to play with groups you can lose due to someone upset and deleting you, it was just wrong, i dont get it

Thank you

Thank you! 😋

When will you add no market theme. The Gala is getting old

I have noticed how slowly I earn points on these games now and will no longer play scenes trying to win the prizes. I will just play my game for challenges of the adventure club and if I get something, great. If not, that's ok too. I will not play so many scenes for a few coins, energy etc. Sorry, not worth it to me on my 5th time thru.



What's for dessert

Pearl's Perils The game isn't showing up, unless I'm missing something.


i love this game so much you play 10 times and get 50 points what a joke next time i wont click on it not wort it lol

Good day, there seems to be a problem since yesterday afternoon as the game does not want to load. It gets stuck at this stage of the loading.

Dure dure cette chasse aux friandises. Je n en verrais pas la fin....Les friandises sont rares. Un petit coup de pouce serait le bienvenu. Merci et bonne journée.

I liked to finish this part in the game until you took away the last prize of an hour playing time! It made it worth it.Not anymore...

not so sweet sorry when you want x amount of points and give little points for the sweets....sorry but these challenges are not worth it...just my opinion so all that will get done is what I have to play in rest of game....37 energy played and 840/3300 pts. By this time I would have 1 chest completed and well into completing 2nd but the past 3 challenges are so not worth the effort...sorry but I still love the game

Last 2 boxes have cash

To Mario Wooga, when I think you can’t get any greedier, there you come with another sly move. Not only you extended the final goal, you also slashed the value of each item in half so it makes it more than 2x as hard to achieve. Put this together with Captain Challenges going from 7 plays for a 3-point club win to 10-12 plays now, and from the shop going from 3 items costing green cash to a good half of them now, not to mention they used to be 100 cash tops and are now 189, 289 etc, it’s easy to imagine why Andy wouldn’t remain when you guys jumped in, and declined to comment when asked about it. Get a grip.

I have to say I agree the points given when playing is so small that it makes it not interesting enough to play - I will just get on with setting up for challenges and you all can kill yourselves to get it done - I work and live a life outside this game so Happy playing all .....

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🍰 Hey Adventurers! Our Sweet Delight Event starts tomorrow, so get your appetite in gear with this brain teaser! Can you figure out the answer to this math problem? Let us know in the comments below!

Comment on Facebook

16 🙂 Looking forward as always to new adventures! Thank you!

16-can't wait for the new adventure.

16 Thanks for the brain teaser looking forward to the next adventure

16. I’m curious what the new adventures will bring......

16! Thanks for all the fun you have created for us!

Looking forward to it...Many thanks in advance !

16 an looking forward to more adventurous places .. please

16, at least there's no multiplcation this time to cause confusion. lol.

16, can hardly wait for new adventures!

16! Can’t wait to see the next event and the next set.

16 is the answer! I just hope this is not new math! 🤣

hopefully the answer is 16 Love the new improvements

16 looking forward to all that's new!

16. At least you did not present items in final question that were missing parts which puke have changed answer.

16 looking forward to our new adventure

16, I always have fun with PP!

16 ~I hope this isn't an indication of the low to no points to be earned during this Event. 🙂

16 I kept looking for the change in size of the picture. Like 2 pancakes instead of 3 lol

16, no doubt. Thanks for the advance warning about the event.

16 Would love a bigger island ran out of land !

16. Very enjoyable game, perhaps can continue with Pearl's future after the wedding

Just to be different and wrong... my answer is 8 hard boiled eggs, 5 tuna sandwiches and 3 pumpkin pies. 😉

Something is wrong with the rewards, I see numbers but not what I suppose to get like energy, coins or cash.

16. Now I want waffles. Thanks for the side games.

My sweet delight points are not loading is there any reason why?

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A new *Cargo Drop* for you! Whats inside? Lets find out!

💻 On a web browser:

🍎 On an Apple device, click this link to open your web browser and launch the game:

🤖 Use this code in the Settings menu if the browser link does not work:

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Thank you PP I like the new graphics.

Thank you Wooga for the coins and energy.🌹👍🌹

Thank you for the energy and coins. 💕

Thank you Wooga - don't need the coins but the energy is always welcome, especially to start a new challenge with, which starts in a few hours. ;-).

Thanks you Pearl's Peril for the 3 energy bolts & 300 coins, a good start for the new quest of the week, as every little bit helps.

Thank you, but rather have more new scene avaliable

Thank you, much appreciated 😁

Thank you, Pearl!!! The extras help alot!!!

Thank you so much!! Both energy and coin are always needed !!! thank you again!!

Thank you for the coins and the energies much appreciated 😘

Thanks for the 3 energy and $300 💜

Thank you! Have a great day. 💕

many thanks for coins and lives well appreciated xxx

Thank you! Happy Sunday Pearling!

Thanks for the cargo drop!! Appreciate cha

thanks, but rather have more land available

Thank you Pearl 🥰

thank you pearls peril

Thank you very much 💓❤️🙏

Thank you soooo much 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

<3 Thank You! <3

Thanks for the Cargo Drop!!

Thank you very much 🤩

Thank you❣️much appreciated 🥰

Thank you wooga I'll put both to good use

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Its your LAST CHANCE to play this brand new Hidden Object Scene before it disappears! 🍳

🗝 Play the January Discovery now and earn some bonuses for your game! ==><noscript><img src=

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I'm really enjoying these challenges, I'm loving the cash as I don't usually have much of that! Thank you 😁

Enjoyed the Challenge immensely. Thanks Wooga!

Loved this extra game Wooga, great to get some extra cash too, thank you 😘

Done in just 2 hours. Thanks guys!! Loved it!!

Thank you! Am in love with the new 'Discovery' events. The scenes are wonderful.All the details and the excitement of the challenge. And the rewards are very generous.

Merci beaucoup j'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à jouer cette scène inédite et très contente des billets - Merci et bravo à toute l'équipe - Bon week end ♫ ♫ ♫😏👩‍🦳 ♪ ♪ ♪

Thanks Wooga..

I love these new challenges. The scenes are beautiful and well thought out. Once again the Wooga team pulled out another fantastic surprise for us. Thank you to Wooga's programmers, designers, artist and all the people who make this possible. Job well done. ❣️❣️❣️

Tack så mycket för pengarna. 👍

This is the best addition to the game (I've seen in over a year of playing) as it provides much needed cash.

Je suis bloquée à l'entrée du jeu impossible d'aller plus loin est ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider ( sur la photo l'on voit une languette sur la gauche c'est se qui bloc l'entrée du jeu )

merci tous les billets en poche

I really enjoyed playing this and the cash awards were very welcome, Thank you Wooga, you definitely got it right with this one. 🥰👏

Thank you for these extras! Love playing them! Keep up the great at work, it keeps the game challenging. I’m about to start my 4th round!

I've finished but I still receive keys

I love these little side games, unfortunately, I don't get to play them very often as I work fulltime. But I try my best to get through as many levels as I can. Thanks for keeping the game interesting.

Great key game and today we get a few enhancements including a time-out clock that waggles? We need a setting that allows us to turn off those annoying, useless fireworks! And don't any trolls tell me to turn off the sound. I want to enjoy the game fully without crappy effects. I can't possibly be the only one that finds those fireworks unnecessary.

Gracias, me encantó esta escena, sobretodo que los premios son billetes.

Il y a eu un bug et je n’étais plus capable d’ouvrir la cession pearls péril alors j’ ai délité ce jeu que j’aimais

Thank you so much! Been loving these challenges! Chance to win cash something most don’t get often! And a refreshing change of pace! Now if we can get more decorations.

Cool, j'ai réussi à finir.

I am so happy that it took less keys to complete than the last time. It was become more like a captain challenge, which becomes monotonous and you play too many of the same scenes in a row. Thank you!

Thank you for all the extra money and new scenes - most enjoyable!!

J'ai fini hier ❤️❤️❤️

LOve playing these just wish it would be a day longer for those of us who work and cannot play the game all day, but thank you I really enjoy them

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⚓ Hop aboard Petes boat and get the FREE TICKETS he has for you! Click Like if you will play the Captains Challenge today!

💻 On a web browser:

🍎 On an Apple device, click this link to open your web browser and launch the game:

🤖 Use this code in the Settings menu if the browser link does not work:

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Thank you for the tickets.

Thank you, I play Captain's challenge daily

I don’t know why but since my iPad updated I can’t open any of your post. It will start to open then stop at 90%. Is anyone else having this issue. If so how do I correct it. I play only on my iPad.

Thank you for the tickets but I've been in the hospital the last 4 days. Had to have 2 more surgeries.

Thank you for the tickets

thank you for the tickets

Thank you, Thank You

Thank you so much 😁

thank you pearls peril

<3 Thank you <3

Thank you xx I

Thank you ❤

Thank you 🙂

Thanks so much! 🙂

i Got Mine Thank you.

Thank you

Thank you xx

Thank you.

I did NOT get any tickets. This was the FIRST time I tried to get them & was told "Code Failed" & that I already got them. What's up with that Pearl's Peril???? :'( (I always need these tickets & cannot get these). Now I'm finding out that friends of mine ALSO got same thing I did & did NOT get their tickets!!! 😡😤

Thank you

Thanks 😽

thank you


When I finished the game I did not receive the Artemis Monument. Can you help with this. Thanks


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👩‍🍳 This year is starting off with a bang! Weve got a whole new Hidden Object Scene for you! Play it for a limited time only!

You will start off with 10 Keys. 🗝 Find Keys as you play the main storyline to access even more rounds. 

👉 Play the January Discovery now! ==><noscript><img src=

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Invalid code on “gift”, not getting many keys to play...

Love the key game but sure is hard to have enough energy to play. I have almost 200 friends who play & request energy every morning. Get on to play in the evening & all I get is "request expired" Thought the request was good for 24 hours?!?!?!

I love these key events, it's great to have a new scene to play and the cash prizes in all the boxes mean that everyone can win something even if they don't manage to finish. 😊

I am enjoying this game much better than the last one. The last one I was playing like all day and still was not able to complete it as it hardly scored. I am still playing plenty but it does not feel like a job...it is fun! Thank-you Pearls Peril Crew!

Had fun doing this addition. I finished earlier so good luck everyone that is still playing❣️🥰

I am very happy with these new scenes ! I played all night long and got my special prize !!! Thank you

Thank you Wooga for the extra's. Love the Key events (the new scene and the story line) and Benoit makes my heart go pity-pat!

Very nice addition to traditional game! Thanks, Wooga!

Looking forward to discovering the prizes! Always need that PP cash! And enjoing the extra ways of earning it. <3 Thank You <3

Beautiful scene. So well designed. Wooga’s design team is incredible! I love it and really enjoyed playing.

Love this game. With these special games why can we not play for keys a couple of days before it starts. Had 70 keys and did not finish the first part. May have to re-think if I play these in future.

It’s a fantastic change of pace - thx Wooga

This is so awesome and I got my first two of the sooooo badly needed cash. You guys are just awesome:) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much and God Bless you all!

Looking for more game friends to trade energy, tickets, and coins with? Need some help with your game? Pearl’s Peril Game Players Group is that place. Always up-to-date info, tips and quick competent help from many advanced players. Check us out. We would love to have you with us. A group is NOT an Adventure’s Club. www.facebook.com/groups/PearlsPerilGameGroup1/?ref=group_header

Fab glad it’s a key challenge again love them 💝💝

J'ai comme réponse "code invalide" quand je clique sur le cadeau.

These are great and because there is cash in the boxes everyone can get something good even those with little time to play. 🥰

Thanks for yet another invalid code. I never complain but I’ve been playing this game for about 5 years and am on my 4th time around but it feels like something has changed the last year and not for the better. I can’t describe it....

I hit the free gift and it said the code was invalid. We had the one at Christmas like that too.

Wonderful...not. in game gift another invalid code. Expect never to get anything from you anymore.

Great side game ! Thanks !

The link for the gift in Benoit Culinary mini game says, it’s invalid!

Thank You, for all the gift's I just finished it

So you post a free gift and you click on it and the code is invalid??

In game gift says "not valid code" when click it 😢

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A new Surprise will be ready for you tomorrow! Ready to get cooking, Adventurers? 🍳

Comment on Facebook

Thank you

I like these better than Iris's eyes!



Can’t wait for to know 💖💖

Sure would love to see some butterflies as gifts at some point as I now need so many more to complete one level at a time. Love the outcome from each but has gotten harder now that I am getting 15 prestige instead of 10. xx

If this is another one of those games where you have to play for key tokens, I sure hope it isn't as slow and tedious as the last one. It took way too many keys and half a geological age to finish the last one.

What I object to is being made to go right to these games to play before I even have a chance to check my messages or my Adventure Club. Maybe I'd like to play the puzzle or do something else first. I hope Wooga addresses this issue.

I'm so Excited...Can't wait.

How EXCITING!!! I look forward to these new challenges. They are always so fun. Thank you Wooga!!!💖😀💖

can't wait

I hope we can replay old scenes going back and trying to master some badges

I just like to know why you wait till we are finally done with it, before you start giving out keys left and right..... when i needed them, they were hard to get.. but after i finished it, then the keys come out of the woodwork. that SUCKS

I’m ready 🤗

Thank you for creative side story game. Very excited!

So, I wonder if it's a Special Event finding ingredients for Benoit or if the keys are a clue that it may be something totally different.

I’m all in, I loved both games for key tokens & the prizes were great!

Thank You, for all the gift's I just finished it.

After earning over 600 keys the last time and still not getting the prize I doubt I'm even going to bother any more.

I hope whatever it is it's the same for all of us so that we all stand an equal chance.

So exciting. Can hardly wait!! 😁

Hope the game is the same for everyone!!

So much for working on Iris's Eye .

this time for 2 days. Why !!!!!! Been playing a long time. I am now on my third time and always these popups appear and I can't play.

Keys trump I.E. & points but too daunting as game goes along. WOOGA, HAVE A HEART 💝

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🤔Quiz time! Can you guess what was the most engaging set from 2018-2019? Its the set that the most people added to their islands over the past two years. The answer may surprise you!

Leave your guesses in the comments below and we will award one correct answer with 5 Cash! 


Comment on Facebook

I think Christmas is the one, because it could be just a winter scene if you want & the snow definitely breaks up all the green on the island. Plus I think it's beautiful. However you said it would surprise us so I'm probably wrong. I'll add Canada.

Octoberfest! I love those mountains.

Christmas if I only have one choice. But I also loved Halloween and Venice. Least favorite : Mexico & wedding

Noël, Halloween. Mes préférés sont avec personnages et animaux

For me it was Vibrant Venice I just fell in love as soon as I saw it. I purchased everyone of the collection what had coin value I spend 100,000 coins the first day... but I have not experienced the frenzy over Mystical Forest. It was amazing to watch how everyone created there very one ... So I think that Mystical Forest will win🥰

The Christmas collection! I’ve certainly bought most of the collection over the last 2 years! But my best was the Mexican collection as I just adore Frida kahlo!

I don't speak very well english, sorry.... I thing it's the christmas season.

Having enough game friends can go a long way to make playing Pearl the best it can be. Friends will send you gifts all year round, will offer help and hints to progress faster thru the game. Join a Players group today to start the New Year off right. www.facebook.com/groups/PearlsPerilGameGroup1/?ref=group_header

Playing Pearl for the 4th time, so much fun with freinds. Working on June's Journey but will never play it again. They need to do another Pearl with Pearl and her husband being detectives so much mischief they could get into.

I personally like the holiday ones - I am on the third time around would love more island space to decorate. Love this game and the club I am in. It is challenging and fun at the same time-

Had to be the French set. I for one played my butt off for the Guelph house and the rest of the buildings. Beautiful!

the wedding scene....its definitely my favorite & I can't wait for it to come around again so I can add to it. I even use many of the New Years items to add to my wedding reception area

The Mystical Forrest...I loved the Unicorns and the unique people

Christmas Collection had/has some great decorations! Could go summer But...... 😉

From visiting most of my teammate Islands and apart from the Mystical forest and the wild animals set .. we all seem to have "The 6th anniversary collection with the characters in Pearl's Peril". So I choose that and love it . ^_^


I have only been playing since this Thanksgiving. I will say the Christmas collection since this what I have and what I know!

I enyoy play the game but we need a new island to play. Mystical forest was fun

My guess is the holiday or Christmas collection. I have so much of it and would love more.

Though it wasn't my personal favourite I know a lot of people liked Halloween so I'm guessing that.

For me the mystical Forrest and Christmas Season, so amazing!

My personal favorites: mystical forest, barcelona and anything with water and wild animals. They are the decorations I'd most like to keep.

Oh that’s tough as they are all wonderful. I might go with buildings over the animals so it might be Venice as you could buy with coins many of the buildings. So Venice is my final answer.

The Christmas set. We need more space on the Island. I have been playing for 5 years and just don't have enough space to put all the things I would like to see all of the time.

2019 was my first year playing and I personally love the Mystical Forest. My second would be Christmas!!

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