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Molts petonets from Motserrat Prat Amirall!

Are you a friend of Pearl? Well, you are in good company! When we heard that the Barcelona decorations were back this year, our hearts immediately synchronised with Montserrat and her sweet petonets (Kisses in Catalan)! We had the pleasure of chatting with her and getting to know her better. Enjoy and leave a petonet back in the comments below!

Hi Montse, could you tell us something about yourself and when your adventure with Pearl’s Peril began?

Hi Dario and playmates I’m Montserrat and I work as a cook in a Nursery School. I started the game 4 years ago during the Christmas holidays. It was a lucky chance and when I saw the snow falling on the island I thought it was wonderful and I kept playing.

What do you find special about the game?

The game is very good both on a recreational and competitive level.  It’s great to train memory and for making very good friends!

Do you have any advice for players who are starting to play Pearl’s Peril?

Enjoy every step on the way, you’ll get more and more decorations to play with. What I do, is being part of an Adventure Club, I have wonderful friends to play with. A good tip is to always leave the fifth star of each scene incomplete and only complete it when it’s requested in the Adventure Club tasks. If I buy new decorations, I leave them in boxes and reveal them when an Adventure Club quest asks me to get prestige. if I buy also leave it for when they ask for prestige, buy what you truly like and if there’s something in your way and you wish to remove, you can always sell it, especially the ones that can be sold for a lot of coins.

Balmy Barcelona’s decorations are back this year. What do you like best about them?

The new decorations are up to your great artist Emma. I love the Palace of Catalan Music and the ladies coming out of it. I remember when my father and I used to go for walks in front of it. It is magnificent and the nights of the opera with the best performers of the Bel canto, the ladies, so elegant, and men in their tuxedos, all with the incomparable light of the Ramblas.

Thanks so much for this window on your Barcelona! We have just one last question: Which character has a special place in your heart and why?

I don’t have a favorite character because everyone has a place in my heart!


Molt petonets! ❤️

  • Suzy Q

    Everything Montserrat said is exactly right and sounds so beautiful 😍 she reminds me of my mom and me 💜❤️😯🙂

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